Top Ways to Improve your Photo Collection:

Everyone capture digital image through camera, smartphone and suitable device which you have. Collection of photos from multiple devices and copied from other also. Mess your digital photography collection. Here i am sharing some free tools and tips which fix your photos, metadata, and duplicate problem and improve your photo collection.

The main aim is here to provide you common problem fixes which you face every that plague photo collections. There is no matter that how much photos you have and on which drive you stored. Just follow to these steps first so easily improve your photo collection.

First one: We recommended that you collect your all photos in one drive or make a new folder like my pictures, photos as you wish.

Second One: Create backup of your all photos in external drive to avoid any data loss problem during these process. If all tasks complete successfully after that can delete your backup data

Remove Tons of Duplicates:

First one before organized your photo collection need to delete all duplicate photos. So first one is find duplicate photos tools for your Mac or windows OS. Install it and scan your drive or specific folder which you create right now.
After scanning delete all duplicate photos by selecting process. Many of tools you can use here to delete duplicate or similar photos

So after deleting duplicate photos you have only single copy of your each image. It’s also help to save waste space. It is possible that you have imported or stored single photo more than one time so first one is delete all duplicate even similar pictures also.

Make Sense/understandable Name of Folders:

I am sure that you must have lots of folder which store your digital pictures. And there name will be folder 1, new folder, latest pictures, etc. which enough for you to confuse that which folder have which event images.

So if you find out birthday pictures just open all folders first and look for birthday images. So change your folder name now. You can make sense name for all folder like- valentine day Date, June Birthday, Marriage, birthday party also include date or person name like your son or wife birthday pictures.

Synchronization with Google Drive, Drop box or Right Backup:

Want to don’t lose your private data or good organized photos collection you need to back up your photos on cloud. You can easily backup your all photos and folders to cloud with drop box, Google drive or to easily save them.

Main benefits is that you no need your PC or Mac Book to access photos anywhere anytime you can use cloud services to use photos. Share anywhere anytime from cloud.

In easy way to Remove Duplicate Photos , backup them and manage folders you can easily organize your photo collection