Capture App Network Actions & NUM Integration FULLY LIVE & Operational!

Just one month after our very first NFT Minting and Listing Network Action on Capture APP was announced, we are happy to share that Network Actions and NUM Integration are FULLY LIVE and operational.

This is HUGE for Capture APP users as their digital creations will have more autonomy to opt-in to a wide variety of services within the Numbers Network! At launch Capture APP will support marketplace listing, gift sharing and Web3.0 archive with more network actions to come!

Many people know Capture APP as the Instagram of Web3.0 or Blockchain Camera, however Capture APP is MUCH MORE!

Capture APP is a bridge to our Web3.0 ecosystem and the physical manifestation of a Web3.0 world where digital media is capable of opting into many services. With Network Actions, Capture APP becomes more than just a camera app. Capture APP can be:

Instagram + Shutterstock // Capture App + CaptureClub

Instagram + // Capture App + Reporter

Instagram + PaperlessPost // Capture App + Gift Card

Instagram + Google Drive // Capture App + Web3.0 Archive


With more network actions coming with every Numbers ecosystem announcement, the digital media possibilities are endless!

We promised in December 2021 that NUM integration will be coming to Capture APP and it’s HERE! Network Actions will be powered with NUM. Users can leverage their NUM IN-APP wallet balance to pay for Network Actions such as Marketplace Listings and Gift Sending.

Don’t have NUM? Don’t worry! There will be return mechanisms, special discounts, and even future airdrops for existing Capture users to help them get NUM and enjoy a seamless transition. Stay Tuned!

Capture APP is the world’s first blockchain and photo NFT camera app and is also the primary network tool of Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. Capture APP aims to solve real problems in a space that is littered with violations and inactions by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations through Numbers innovative Capture, Seal, Trace protocol.

Download here:

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines the nature of digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving photos and videos in the Numbers network — the Capture app, Seal API, and Trace website — plus the CaptureClub marketplace and a proprietary NFT Search Engine. Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us.

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Recent M.S Graduate and Numbers Software Developer & Developer Relations/Community Manager

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Ethan Wu

Recent M.S Graduate and Numbers Software Developer & Developer Relations/Community Manager