I was at the office late one night last summer when my iPhone buzzed on the desk.

*New email*

It was from a pediatrician on that I had spoken to a few times in the past. I was expecting a support question or a feature request, but this email was different:

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I always believed that we could truly have a positive impact on healthcare if we just made patient communication ridiculously easy.

But I never thought I’d get an email quite like that.

So I did whatever any entrepreneur in my position would do. I called my mom — a former orthopedic nurse practitioner, X-ray technician, and entrepreneur herself — to read it to her.

The obvious truth is, OhMD didn’t save that child’s life, the doctor did. She devotes her entire life to her patients and goes above and beyond to provide incredible care at all hours of the day.

But if we can just play a small a role in helping great doctors be amazing doctors, then we’ll have a real impact on patient care.

My name is Ethan Bechtel and I’m a co-founder/CEO at OhMD.

My brother Nate and I started OhMD to fix patient communication and simplify care coordination. We knew the pain points well as patients (as we all do), but also because we spent the prior decade working with physicians to implement EHRs.

When we started thinking about OhMD in 2013, there were so many issues with patient communication. Phones were inefficient and ineffective, and the patient portals out there weren’t designed for communication, but rather for viewing lab results and paying your bill.

We wanted to focus on patient communication.

The idea was that if we could make healthcare communication as simple and as intuitive as the consumer tech that we use every day to communicate (iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger), good things would happen.

We read all the studies and white papers and found that patients that have tools to communicate with their physicians between visits see a statistically significant improvement in outcomes.

And while we haven’t published any studies of our own (yet), we have physician users that have been ardent users for a few years now. They have incredible stories they share with us.

I’m here to share more of these stories.

healthcare tech, co-founder @OhMDapp, skier, famous internet DJ.

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