Food for Thought #1: Public Restrooms

Why is there a foot of space under bathroom stalls?

I have to tuck my work name tag into my pocket so the person in the stall next to me won’t know I’m parked next to them.

And, what if I drop my phone into the stall next to me?

Also, half the locks on the stalls that I use don’t work.

And the courtesy flush or the awkward cough is the result of a design flaw…silence.

I’m a shorter guy, but sometimes I use the taller urinal. When a tall guy takes the shorter one next to me, I’m afraid he can see over top the barrier.

Why do some sports arena’s still use giant piss bowls without barriers between us?

Not that all public restrooms need to be sparkly clean and tightly designed, but why are they generally filthy, and falling apart?

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