4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

HARK! If you have ears, listen! If you have eyes, read! Bear witness and give thanks. The Bringers of 4chan have resurrected the Egyptian god Kek — bringer of the light. Via Kek’s prophet Pepe, the mischievous deity allowed the man-god TRUMP to ascend to the ultimate throne of power. Kek did this for the lulz. Kek loves to laugh, and there is nothing funnier than watching brainwashed lemmings lose their tiny minds. With every pointless protest, with every alienating article, with every supercilious speech, Kek laughs and is pleased. Kek has no allegiance to the man-god, NOR* does Kek favor the now sainted Bringers. Kek will laugh at chaos, no matter its origin. As long as there is order, there will be Kek to push disorder and laugh at the screeeeching humans as they react. SHAME on the author of this piece. For such vitriol against his servants, Kek will certainly punish him.

  • ”Professor”, this is an example of the proper usage of “nor”.
  • (Neither →Nor)
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