How to promote consulting business online as fast as possible

As a business consultant, one of the more challenging aspects of your work can be obtaining new clients. Obviously, the way to grow your consulting business is self-promotion. The question is this: What is the best way to go about doing this? After all, we’ve all been turned off by the clumsy and heavy-handed attempts at online marketing done by some others, haven’t we? Nobody wants to be that person. Here’s some good news. It is possible to promote your consulting business on the internet without being intrusive. Even better, many of these methods are either free or very inexpensive. Take a look at five ways in which you can get your name out there.

Promote Your Business Consulting Practice Via Your Blog

It’s probably a good idea to begin with what you should not be doing. You should not continually promote your business in your blog posts. Remember, the purpose of having a blog is to provide helpful content, not to subject your readers to direct advertising. It is okay, however, to plug your consulting business every once in a while in your posts, as long as it fits with the content you are providing. Another way to use your blog to promote your business is by creating a biography page on your blog. You can use this page to boast about your skill set and experience, and to link back to your company website. Finally, there is nothing wrong with placing an ad for your services across the top, or in one of the side panels of your blog.

Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Business

If you have a fair amount of website traffic, take advantage of that. Invite visitors to sign up for regular email updates. This is a great way to establish contact with potential customers. Then, put together a simple weekly or monthly newsletter with discount offers, a bit of content, and a listing of the services that you offer. The subscribers will find the content helpful, and the regular contact will help potential customers remember your name.

Promote Your Consulting Business Using Article Content

‘Content is king’, is the latest catchphrase making its way around online marketing circles. This is because right now, content marketing is probably the best way to develop relationships with customers. Blogging, as mentioned above is one great way to use content delivery to gain name recognition and to build relationships with potential customers. Writing article content is another option.
There are two options you have when posting your own articles on the internet. You can self-publish your content to article directories, or you can contact online magazines and submit your articles to them. In either case, be sure to include your personal information, a brief bio, and the name of your website. Finally, once your content is published, always provide a link to that content from your own website.

Solicit Positive Customer Feedback

As consultants struggle to come up with self-promotion ideas, it is amazing how many of them don’t think to ask their current customers for positive feedback. It only takes a few moments to post a positive review on your business website, or to your social media page(s), and most customers are happy to do so.

Use Various Social Media Venues to Promote Your Business Consulting Services

It is no longer enough to simply have a Facebook account that you update every once in a while. You should be active on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. However, this is only the beginning. You need to be active on all social media, and you need to be positive. This means posting updates on a daily basis, and interacting with potential customers who give you feedback.

Once you have established a reliable social media presence, your next step is to build relationships with potential customers. Are you interested in working with a particular company? Follow them on Facebook. Like their content, and when possible, provide them with helpful information. Eventually, the relationship could develop into a consultant/client one. Even if it doesn’t, it’s still a positive relationship with another company.

Don’t Ignore the Potential for Self Promotion on YouTube and Vimeo

The desire for video based content is booming. Video content is a way to make your name and face recognizable to the public. Like other forms of content marketing, though, always remember that your goal is information and education. You aren’t publishing commercials or infomercials. Don’t worry if you can’t afford to create videos with high production values. There are ways to convert a simple power point presentation to a format that works on YouTube and Vimeo.

Build Your Consulting Business by Developing Positive Relationships with Other Consultants

It may seem counter-intuitive to befriend your competition on the internet, but in reality it’s a good idea. Many companies do business with several consultants at once, even when those consultants offer the same services. Also, when another consultant is forced to turn down work because s/he is too busy, the company almost always asks if they can recommend another consultant. If you have a positive relationship with other consultants, there is a good chance that you will be the one that gets that recommendation.

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