On “Virtuous Pedophiles”, Transparency, & Credibility

I have no idea who “Justin” is, and have no desire to defend anything he did or said. I’d ask for a clean slate when considering Ender Wiggin and Virtuous Pedophiles. I do know Ender and can vouch for his integrity — I think his blog is terrific.

I am a co-founder of the real Virtuous Pedophiles (virped.org). If you write to virped.org via the “contact” button I will confirm that. I know our message is a hard adjustment to make given hat we’ve been taught all our lives, but for a group that says, “Attempt to peak our interest, blow our minds, turn us on, anger the fuck out of us”, I would think you should have a very high bar to throwing out an idea before even listening to it. A fair number of mainstream, thoughtful people think that Virtuous Pedophiles has a role to play in *reducing* child sex abuse. On our website here http://www.virped.org/index.php/resources are a list of articles published in a variety of news outlets and sources that take a position far more nuanced than “I don’t think a self proclaimed identity as a pedophile nor the support of a pedophile community does anything but provide a breeding ground for offenders and potential offenders to make contacts”. Take a look at the sources and choose a few you think are respectable, and try reading. And then see if you think that your group which prides itself on open-mindedness really ought to dismiss us out of hand.

I understand child sex abuse survivors have suffered terribly, and that they have an especially difficult time with our message. For them, I’d suggest taking a look at the “From Abuse Survivors” here: http://www.virped.org/index.php/who-we-are

Thank you for your consideration.


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