An Introduction

Blog Assignment 1 — JOUR 4043

Welcome to my blog. I previously used this space to post humorous satirical pieces that involved Star Wars, but now I am ready to engage in more serious discourse involving media and government, specifically topics covered in JOUR 4043 Government and the Media.

As a journalism/political science major I am excited to participate in a class seemingly made just for people like me. Following politics has been one of my interests for a few years now. My recent switch from a political science degree to the journalism/political science combined major has piqued my interest in political reporting and the news media and has allowed me to learn and grow as a writer and student (my fancy way of saying amateur) analyst of politics, political communication and media coverage.

Last week in class we discussed in groups what we thought about how the presidential candidates are (and were) covered by the media, our thoughts about problems with the media, the kinds of topics we would like to cover in the future of the class and the kinds of sources we get our news from, amongst other things.

Today in class Associated Press reporter Jesse Holland talked about the 2016 election and said that it was different than any other election he had covered and possibly the most different in modern history. We talked in last week’s class about how the candidates were being covered, either adequately or inadequately, and focused for a moment on one individual in particular, Donald Trump. As the candidate most covered and talked about of the election it seems simple to say that he has been covered no differently and as adequately as any other candidate, but certainly at times over the past year he has been covered differently and in some cases inadequately by the media. At the start of his campaign, the coverage was about how he couldn’t possibly become president rather than cover him as a serious candidate and making him be more forthcoming and detailed about his plans to run the world’s most powerful democracy. A lack of media responsibility in covering Trump as an entertainment piece rather than a serious candidate could possibly be a factor in his rise to the nomination. Jesse Holland also touched on this issue today when he said that only now is the press vetting Donald Trump more closely now that he actually has a bonafide shot at becoming the most powerful man on Earth.

This is only the start of what I hope can be a fun class and I hope to share more thoughts and analysis as well as hear the opinions of my classmates in the weeks to come.