Buy it and Forget it: Investing in CryptoCurrency

Hey Investors,

It’s another great day to invest, ask yourself the position you wish to take 10yrs from now (for the record, now is 25/05/2017), will you be the one sending relieve items to charity organisations all over the world, providing financial assistance to the less privileged in the society, traveling the world and buying houses by the beach, investing in projects that push the limits of science and technology, making trips to space, living your dreams and changing the world as we know it, or will you be the one telling stories of how you knew when BTC was $2600, ETH was $200, LTC was $32 and above all, when XRP was $0.3.

Then your kids will ask, your friends will ask, you will ask yourself too and pretty much anyone else who hears it will ask why you never bought it?

We’re in the middle of a revolution and like I always preach, *Buy CryptoCurrency Guys* it’s the next huge thing since discovery of computers and internet. The best time to buy it; 7yrs ago, The next best time; right now.

Buy BTC if you can, if you can’t afford that, buy ETH, else, buy LTC or XRP, in fact, just buy something, you can thank me in 5yrs (or curse me as the case may be), but never be left out in this moving trend. Wouldn’t you rather buy it and forget about it than not buy at all and regret later (I’ve been a victim too, a couple of times). Most popular crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC) are projected to reach over a $100K in 10yrs.


- A research student(Kristoffer Koch) bought 5000BTC in 2009 for $26.6 to be used for his research, remembering the asset 4yrs later(2013), it was worth about $930K at a price of $196 per BTC, today that same volume is worth over $13 million dollars (I hope he left a couple).

- A few days ago, Paypal director made bold to say that BTC will hit $1million in 5–10 years source.

- ETH is predicted to surpass BTC in the next couple of years based on the value it provides.

- ETH was $25 in Feb, it’s $200 currently.

- LTC was $3 in Nov 2016, its $32 now.

- XRP has a total fixed supply of 100,000,000,000 XRP and it can not be re-produced or mined which makes it an invaluable asset to have because any unit anyone buys decreases the overall supply, when the supply gets so low. . . well, the Economists in the house can relate with what happens then.

*Back in the Real World:*

- Ethereum(ETH) is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. source

- Ripple(XRP) is a distributed financial technology that enables banks to send real-time international payments across networks, it’s fast and saves costs for the bank per transfer. It can transfer across different currencies, even pairs that are not popularly traded. source


- If you want to invest, choose one, buy it already and forget about it, don’t wait for the price to drop, it may never drop.

- If you consider someone with 1000BTC right now as lucky, then why not just invest in any of them and hopefully turn out just as lucky in 5yrs.

You may never see the significance right now, but a few years in the future, it’ll all make sense.

Kindly drop your comments and share your opinions and perspective.