Kairos Face Recognition API has just killed itself

Ethan SK
Ethan SK
Aug 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Up until today, Kairos API seemed to be the best option for a developer of any size for facial recognition and similar face detection related tasks. I mean, unlimited storage for free, a free tier of 1500 transactions/day, and very generous limits on API requests. And even a great, responsive customer service.

But today, Kairos has made pricing changes that ensured its downfall:

No, that is not a typo. 3000 transactions for one hundred and fifty USD per month. I even confirmed this with their sales team:

to which they replied:

IMAGINE PAYING 5 CENTS EVERY TIME YOUR APP MADE AN API CALL. You and your company would be broke.

And this is the price of their ‘loyalty rate’, I wonder what their non loyalty rate is like!!

On top of this, Kairos’ backend sucks. Major balls. Apart from the recent DDOS attacks that took them out for days, and long running server glitches that prevent you from accessing most of your enrolled faces for no reason what so ever in a highly sporadic pattern, their API seems to have issues every single day! Their server up time is atrocious and non sustainable for any business! And to make matters worse, on their API up time status tracker page, they hide all the problems by saying there were no issues on previous days!! As a developer who has been building an app with Kairos for the past 8 months, who’s had to go through hours of server down time every day, I have checked their API status page every time there was an error, and they display correctly that there is currently an error, but then they go and mask it up a day later pretending that nothing went wrong the previous day in the logs!!

I don’t care if you are a startup and trying to find your footing or whatever, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I highly highly recommend against Kairos. As of writing this article, I am rewriting all my app’s code to use AWS Rekognition — which seems like a much much fairer price, and a big company to ensure good quality API.


Someone from Kairos has replied to this very blog post:





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Ethan SK

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