The Best Plastic Garden Storage Boxes, Sheds and Cupboards

Garden storage has come on leaps and bounds in recent years — especially with the advancement of plastic garden storage boxes, sheds and cupboards. Wave goodbye to that rotting old wooden shed and get a new waterproof, stylish plastic storage unit for your garden today. I’ve put together a list of some of the very best garden storage options available in the UK.

Why did I choose to write this article?

Since I started using a plastic shed from B&Q I’ve been convinced that it’s the only real option for storing things in the garden with the extremely temperate climate here in the UK. If it was sunny most of the time, perhaps I would’ve been happy with the wooden storage units I already owned, but there’s no doubt that there are lots of advantages to ‘going plastic’.

Mostly the fact that they’re weather resistant but they also tend to be more maneuverable and easy to clean. Some plastic garden boxes even come with wheels to make it easy to reposition your storage for different events that you might be hosting in the garden. It’s come in really handy for making an extra BBQ table or adding a couple of seats when we’ve been desperate.

Why would I choose garden storage made from plastic over wood or glass?

There are a number of advantages to using some form of plastic garden storage — not least at all because they’re so much more hard wearing and weatherproof than their wooden counterparts.

There’s also the fact that they tend to be easier to construct or pull down as and when you need to do so. Generally they’re designed to be unpacked, moved and reconstructed.

That gives you the advantage of being able to reconfigure your garden’s setup.

Also — there’s the fact that many of the plastic storage options on offer have a dual purpose, primarily a some kind of seat. You can never have enough seats in the garden during the British summer.

What should I store in a Plastic Shed?

Most people choose to store things that might get a bit more badly affected by the British weather, things like:

  • Bikes
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Garden Tools
  • Chainsaws
  • Bins (particularly given that they seem to be a thieves favourite these days!)

Where can I buy these products?

From the list of products that I’m recommending — I can’t think of anywhere better than Amazon.

Generally because in my experience they’re cheaper and have better customer service than most other companies — that’s not to put down your high street DIY / Garden store — it’s just that I honestly find it hard to get time to go and visit them any more!

But I don’t think plastic storage will really work in my garden!

Trust me — it will.

In the same way that we have thousands of options when it comes to interior furniture, the same is true for the garden.

There are plastic cupboards, plastic storage sheds with doors, plastic outdoor lockers and many other designs in a range of different colours. You’ll see as you go through the list of recommended options below that there’s a storage unit out there for everyone, no matter what style or colour your existing garden furniture is based on.

Where can I find the best plastic garden storage products?

Here’s a list of the best plastic garden storage units I’ve found on Amazon with a brief search:

Keter ‘Store it Out’ Max Plastic Outdoor Garden Storage Shed

The guys at Keter feature more than once in this list — mainly because they’re freaking awesome at what they do. Their garden storage units look good, have plenty of space and are really light to move around. This particular model has these dimensions — 82 x 146 x 125 cm. Perfect for a medium sized or large garden. This plastic storage box will keep any garden equipment away from the elements and protect it during the winter months.

Keter Midi Plastic Outdoor Shed

I know this is just a smaller version of the above Keter plastic storage shed — but trust me it’s earned a place on the list. Once again, the quality of the build is fantastic, it’s weather resistant and it has a good capacity to store lots of different garden tools or accessories. It’s slightly shorter than the ‘Max’ storage unit to fit into some tighter spaces than its larger brother. Available in brown or white.

Keter 270 Litre Wooden Look Plastic Outdoor Storage Chest

This chest has a wooden look which makes it much more suited to working alongside wooden furniture in your garden. This outdoor storage shed is made of super durable plastic, again providing weather protection and making the box very lightweight, which again makes it easy to reposition. This garden storage box comes with a cushion that sits on top of the storage space to help provide extra seats in your garden if and when you need it. In addition, it’s suitable for use with a padlock and has a UV coating that will stop the colour fading over time in the sunshine (which we don’t have to worry too much about in the UK!).

Plastic Garden Storage Bench by Keter

This is a slightly different solution to your outdoor storage issues. It’s a large, waterproof storage space built around a durable plastic garden bench. A real dual purpose piece of garden furniture. Again you’ll key Keter quality build with easy maneuverability and lightweight construction. Includes cushions for the bench too — so no sneaky extra costs there!

Keter ‘Store it Out’ Resin Outdoor Shed

Sorry to keep coming back to Keter again and again — but I’m telling you — they’re such high quality! This plastic storage shed is huge however, storing 2000L. Probably the best plastic storage option for bikes in the list — it’s designed to fit four bicycles. Two for the adults and two for the children. A great way to protect your investment in family cycling gear. It also features ‘lid-lifter chains’ which help making getting stuff in and out of the storage unit really easy.

Starplast Plastic Garden Cupboard with Parting and Shelves

If you’d like to compartmentalise your storage a little bit more then it’s hard to look past the Starplast. It has a super simple construction and will give you lots of different compartments, in a range of sizes and shapes, to store all your garden equipment neatly. It also has a really nice design — which is a bit more interesting than some others on the list. If you’d like some outdoor storage with a bit more style — look no further!

Keter ‘Manor’ Vertical Plastic Shed

Another offering from Keter but with a slight twist. This plastic shed always makes me think of beach huts for some reason. It’s got a very ‘cute’ construction, with what’s apparently called a ‘sentry box’ design. There are some ventilation ducts to help keep any damp smells away, a padlock clasp to keep things secure and is available in three different sizes to suit your garden.

Deuba Value Plastic Garden Storage Box in Black

Deuba is a brand I’ve looked at before. This particular box features everything I like to see in an outdoor storage option , large dimensions, great design and wheels which make it easy to maneuver. The huge advantage here is that it’s cheap! Under £40 in fact. So there’s no excuse to keep complaining about how mouldy your old garden shed looks! If you’re looking for a seated option, this won’t be for you though. The guidance on the product specifically mentions not sitting or standing on it.

Chocolate Starplast Plastic Garden Storage Unit

This chocolate coloured unit is a great addition to the list. It’s a little bit different from most of the others, so if you’re looking to theme your garden around chocolate coloured items (why wouldn’t you?!), this is the way to go.The handles help you move the unit around without too much trouble, the top plastic piece is incredibly hard wearing, you don’t need any tools to construct it and it’s really easy to clean.

Toomax Storage Unit

Another simple looking unit which is a little bit smaller than most others on the list. If you only want to keep a few cushions or a spade in your unit then this might be for you. It has two doors which can easily be chained together for security and two adjustable shelves which allow you to configure the storage space just the way you like it. It’s a pretty flexible option which would fit into most gardens as it’s neutral in colour.

Keter Deluxe Plastic Storage Box

This is probably my favourite garden storage bench. Keter have done a great job with the design here, while also maximizing the storage on offer. At less than £60 this is probably the best value option on the list (if you ask me anyway…). It can comfortable sit two people, maybe three if they’re little. It’s construction means it’s really easy to wipe clean and is light when not filled, making the seat really easy to move around the garden when you’re chasing the sun!

Kis Titan Plastic Garden Locker

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘industrial’ then I’ve found just the storage unit you need. This Kis unit has lots of different compartments which can be reconfigured to suit you, a very large capacity and the added bonus of having really strong shelves that can support up to 15kg each! If you’re a real heavy gardener this one’s for you. The design isn’t going to win any awards — but I’m sure for lots of you your outdoor storage is more about functionality than style.

Are all plastic garden sheds waterproof?

Not all, no.

Usually they’re deemed to be ‘water resistant’, which means they’ll be fine in the British rain, but if your area was flooded for example, they’re not going to be water tight.

While it won’t be a concern for most of you I wanted to try and make sure I gave you all the necessary information!

I’m rubbish with flat pack — will I be able to build my plastic garden storage box?

I’m sure you will.

None of the sheds or storage options I’ve built have ever been too complicated. I know that feeling of getting home from Ikea then spending the next 7 hours being frustrated by screw after screw, trying to work out how on earth it doesn’t all fit together.

Due to the simplicity of the plastic construction for most of these garden storage options, there isn’t actually that many parts to put together.

Do I need to lock my plastic shed?

As I’m sure you’ve read above, the majority of the plastic garden storage sheds on offer have some kind of security feature.

That might be a built in lock or it might be a latch that you can attach a padlock to.

My advice would always be to invest in a padlock. Even a £5 padlock will deter many thieves from trying to tamper with your shed.

It does, of course, depend on what you’ll be keeping in it, but considering the low cost of some extra security, I see it as a bit of a no brainer!