Ironman Vineman 2016 Race Plan

“Finish Strong”


Dream goal: 11:20 (1:15/5:50/4:00)
A goal: 11:50:00 (1:20/6:00/4:15)
B goal: 13:00:00 (1:30/6:10/5:00)

Keys for Success:

  • Bike pacing (no power spikes, aero)
  • Nutrition especially on bike
  • Run pacing (first 16 miles)
  • Stick to the plan

Race Week:

  • In bed by 9pm
  • Review race plan and visualize race before sleeping
  • Decaf coffee only until race morning
  • Focus on healthy foods and lots of fruits and veggies
  • Don’t let myself feel hungry/thirsty, especially Friday when traveling to the race

Race Bags

Morning bag

Swim wear: wetsuit, swim cap, goggles

Clothing: race suit, compression wear, jacket

Nutrition: bottles of water to drink and to fill bike bottles, energy bar for 2nd breakfast, gel/chew for right before the race start

Misc: timing chip, sunscreen, heart rate monitor, TriSlide, sports watch (If It’s not On Strava It Didn’t Happen)

Bike Gear Bag

Bike gear: helmet, gloves, shoes, socks, sunglasses

Nutrition: gels, chews, drink mixes

Misc: drying cloth, sunscreen spray

Run Gear Bag

Run gear: shoes, sunglasses, hat

Nutrition: gels, drink mixes

Misc: handheld bottle, sunscreen spray, race belt (with race number attached)

Race Morning:

3:40 Wake up “Today is going to be a good day!”
3:45 Big glass H2O
3:50 Good stretch, active warm up
4:00 White rice porridge and banana
4:15 Bathroom
4:30 Leave Hotel
5:20 Race site: load water bottles onto bike, pump tires
5:35 Body marked
5:45 Energy bar
6:00 Bathroom
6:10 Wetsuit on, bodyglide, gel, google, and swim cap
6:20 Drop off morning bag
6:25 Gel
6:30 Warm up swim. Stretch the body and swim long
6:40 Ready to go
6:45 “Finish Strong”


Goal 1:20 minutes (1:54/100 yard)

Keys for Success:

  • Swim long
  • Propel with the hip rotation
  • Bend elbow
  • Don’t forget to sight

T1: wetsuit/ goggles off, get bag, eat 1 chew, 2 chews and 3 gels in pocket, socks on, shoes on, headband on, gloves on, glasses and helmet on the way to bike, mount line, on bike, start with quick easy spin.


Goal 6:00 (18.7mph)

Keys for Success:

  • First hour ridiculously easy
  • Aero on the flats
  • 160–170 watts on flats
  • HR below 150 on the flats
  • A sip of Infinit every 10–15 minutes
  • Finish each Infinit bottle in less than 2.5 hours
  • Finish water in torpedo every hour; top off with water at each aid station
  • hour 1 = gel; hour 2 = chew; hour 3 = gel; hour 4 = chew; hour 5 = gel;
  • Don’t spike on power
  • Ride to run

T2: handoff bike, helmet off, socks on, shoes on, glasses on, hat on, race belt, “Finish Strong”


Goal 4:15 (9:43 min/mile)

Keys for Success:

  • Ease into first 3 miles
  • Focus on form (cadence and foot strike)
  • Pace the first 2 laps (17.16 miles) then lift effort
  • Keep drinking Infinit. Water from aid station. Gel every hour
  • Race starts at the 3rd lap

First Lap: (Slow is Fast)

0 — 3 miles: Ease into pace. Pace > 9:30. HR < 155
3–8.7 miles: Focus on form and efficiency. Pace > 9:15. HR < 155

Second Lap: (One step at a time)

8.7–13.1 miles: Half way through. Keep hydrating. HR < 160
13.1–17.16 miles: Smile! HR < 160

Final Lap: (How bad do you want it?)

17.16–21.49: Race starts. This is the true test! Be prepared! HR < 165
21.49–25 miles: How bad do you want it?!!
25–26.2 miles: Just enjoy it! “Finish Strong”