My 2016 CIM Build By The Numbers

Total Distance: 341 miles
Total Time: 47:24:39
Total TSS: 3697

Total Bike Time: 195 miles
Total Bike TSS: 1305
Total Swim Time: 4.5 hours
Total Swim TSS: 522
% TSS in Swim/Bike/Run: 9.5%/24%/66.5%

Total Weeks of Training: 11 wks
Average Distance /wk: 33 miles
Average Long Run Distance: 11 miles

Average Time /wk: 4:18:00
Average TSS /wk: 336
Average IF /wk: 0.84

Longest Training Run: 16 miles (Week 7 Ragnar Leg #2)

Time in Speed Zone:
Z1: 18.5%
Z2: 42.2%
Z3: 15.9%
Z4: 11.3%
Z5+: 12.14%

My build-up to CIM this year is less than ideal — I could really fit in one proper training block (W4-W7) into the 11 weeks and that block even ended with a race at the end of the recovery week which compromised my training in the following week.

In retrospect, I would probably make the following changes if I were to build for a marathon (or any other A race) in 11 weeks again.

  1. Use a 3 week training block — this will allow 3 blocks of training, followed by a 1 week Peak and 1 week taper/race.
  2. Do no races at the intensity that would require tapering or more than 1 day of recovery afterwards. Otherwise, it compromises the progressive overload.
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