Peaking for CIM

Training Summary (11/7–11/20)

In the last 4 weeks leading to CIM, I spent the first week recovering from Ragnar and testing. The next two weeks are my Peak weeks where the workouts are lower in volume but higher in intensity to give my body a chance to rest and to get ready for the race. The volume will further decrease in the last week to allow proper taper.

Recovery and Test


I think the 320 rTSS loaded in two days @ Ragnar really worked well on my body. My EF increased a notch (from low 1.4x to 1.48–1.5)in the recovery week and held up in the following week as well.

Ran an Aerobic TT (2+2 miles @ 170bmp) on Sunday @ 7:14min/mi for the last two miles. I was expecting a better result (7 min/mi). But started a bit later in the day with the warmer temperature and over-tapering on the run didn’t help.


I was expecting a big drop in my FTP (<200) as I was riding 0–1 times each week, which is far less than ideal. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a 215 FTP. I think this will give me a very good foundation when I switch to a more bike-focused training after CIM.


I’ve been swimming once every week post-SC 70.3. I guess that is not enough training stress to produce any fitness gain. However, I was again pleasantly surprised with my 1000-yard TT time @ 1:37min/100yd. The fact I was able to swim a 1000-yard with a 1:37 pace with minimal training tells me that I still have a lot to work on my swimming. More to expect in the new season.


Peak weeks came sooner than I expected. I feel I am ready aerobically for the marathon however my muscular endurance is probably lacking given the longest MP run I’ve done was at 6 miles. Nothing can be done at this point. I will probably plan accordingly in my race plan.