Training Summary (08/22–08/28)

I spent 6 out of the 7 days of this week at Kona with my family. I wanted to take this chance to experience parts of the Ironman course. I ended up completing a bit more than 50% of the planned workout — partially due to the travel itinerary, partially because the heat and humidity kept me inside for more than I wanted.


I’ve only managed to log one swim this week on Wednesday. It was near sunset and the water was choppier than my last ocean swim. I was aiming for a tempo swim but ended up with a rather slow pace. In any event, it was a beautiful swim. I felt I could go for a long time. I wish I had more time in the water.


Oh boy, what a blast it was to ride on Queen K. I started riding north which was not easy as it was against the wind. I kept paddling but was barely moving. The strong wind forced me out of my aero position from time to time. I averaged 16.7mph in the first 13 miles.

Things changed on my way towards Kona. My muscles were more warmed up and I settled into a tempo pace. It was thrilling as I found myself going hard on the downs, pushing through the ups and riding @ 30mph+ for several minutes each time.

The weather was hot as usual but I did not feel it given the speed until I stopped at a traffic light, then my body started burning… I remember that I literally felt the heat coming of the surface of the road… Thankfully that was a short period of time…

I rounded up my workout with a short run from the bike shop to Lava Java to meet my family for breakfast — great view and great coffee — easily another highlight of my Kona trip.


My longest run was a 9-miler on Tuesday. I went out around 6:30am and I recall the temperature being ~85F. I ran 6 miles on Queen K and it was…lonely…

Straight and endless

The views don’t really change and there is pretty much no need for navigation as it shoots straight out. I could feel the wind, the heat and the humidity every step I took. My heart rate was going up the whole run while I tried to keep the same pace. I definitely didn’t want to run any longer at the end. I remember that I didn’t want to think about running a marathon in the afternoon during the Kona race.

Santa Cruz 70.3 is in two weeks. Time to do some final adjustments and start planning for the race.