W2/W3 Tired Legs…

Training Summary (10/17–10/30)

This is week 3 and week 4 of my first run block. We kept building the run volume while reducing time swimming and biking. We also started adding higher intensity intervals.

The run on the 23rd was a hard one. The last 5 miles was run at MP. My HR was raising all the time during the 5 miles which is not sustainable. The temperature probably played a part to it.

The 3rd week was hard. My hip flexors had been tight/sore since the end of week 2 and it gets worse every workout. It is not to the point that I think it is an injury yet, but I think it’s getting close to become an injury. I added some more stretches and skipped an easy run to help the recovery.

I’m satisfied with my overall progress as indicated by my Run PMC, however this came at a cost of a reduced swim/bike fitness:

I am a bit concerned about my ability to stay with an Ironman training plan come next year when the TSS would be 20–50% higher than the current level and I need focus on more than just running.

I will probably start working on my ATP for the 2017 season in the next couple of weeks so I could start visualizing it earlier.