So far I’m 3 shows in and am now on my way to Akron for a coffee house gig. One thing that I’ve learned along the way is how dependent I’ve become on my phone for communication, directions, and a connection to the outside world.

My iPhone 6 messed up Saturday night as I was playing. My apps were not logging in and my data was slowed down almost to a standstill. I think it was something to do with me not updating my phone. I couldn’t even login to my Airbnb app to find my host’s address. I had to rely on my memory to get me back.

It’s interesting to think how we become so dependent on our devices and makes me think what we as designers can do to help encourage people to be self-sufficient without the use of their phone. We can make so many apps that help people get around or read a map, but what happens when all of that breaks down and we’re forced to take things upon ourselves.

It was a scary moment being without my phone and able to lookup directions. I type this now sitting in a parking lot outside of Cleveland. To think that if my phone were to die right now, what a struggle it would be to get home. Not only the directions, but also I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone, my checking account might run out of funds and I wouldn’t be able to transfer any money, and so on. It’s scary how reliant we are to our machines.