Getting Your Hair Dyed

What to expect when you get your hair dyed.

Getting your hair dyed for the first time is, for most people, a terrifying experience.

I absolutely love getting my hair dyed. It’s how I express how I’m feeling and what mood I’m in. It’s how I have fun and take some me time. There are a few keys to getting your hair dyed the way you want.

Most Important, find a great hair stylist who you connect with, understands your hair needs and you can stay with for a long time.

First, bring a photo. Because not everyone understands color the same way you might, a photo is super helpful because you are way more likely to get the result you are looking for.

Second, understand that it can almost always be dyed back if you end up with a color you hate.

Third, be up front and honest with your stylist if you don’t like the color or something goes wring after you get home. Chances are they would be totally happy to fix it for you. So, before you move on to a different stylist, talk to them about it and see if they can fix it. Hair color isn’t perfect and sometimes there are mistakes that can easily corrected.

Fourth, a lot of people worry about the damage to your hair. While it is true that you can damage your hair by dying it, most of the time if there is any damage it’s minor and easiy fixed. Look for salons that use dye with a low amonia content and are gentle on your hair. Framesi Italy is one of my personal favorite lines. It’s available in many North America salons. You can look up locations here. The only time you are truly likely to damage your hair badly is if you go from a very dark color to a shade of blonde. Even then there are ways to fix the damage listed below.

Fifth, maintain your hair color by doing the following. To help repair any damage and maintain your color in my opinion is to use Pureology Colour Fanatic 21 found here. It actually helps your hair in 21 ways reducing frizz, maintaining color, speeding up blow drying and straightening, and repairs damaged hair.

Blondes and Cool Toned Hair — The best way to maintain blonde hair is to use a purple shampoo such as my to favorites, the Framesi Italy Biogenol Violights found here, Pureology Cool Blonde Enhancing Treatment found here, and go in for regular tone touchup’s. Also use a hair care system like a shampoo and conditioner made for blonde hair such as the Pureology Platinum line found here or the Paul Mitchell Blonde line found here.

Sixth, understand that it can take coming in a few times to completely reach the color you want and that you have to be reasonable with your color requests. If you want to lighten your hair, some form of hydrogen peroxide (a form of bleach much safer then bleach cleaning agents) will be used. Weather it’s in the developer or your stylist uses a lightening treatment before dying your hair to the color you want. Only when doing a full lightening are you going to put a lot of stress on your hair so keep that in mind and remember, maintaining your hair and your color is the key to healthy hair.

Seventh, the key to having natural looking color is to have highlights and lowlights put in. The smaller sections of hair you highlight the more it will blend in. This makes your new color blend with your eyebrows, your skin tone, and makes the color look super natural. It’s the little things like highlights and lowlights that give your hair that something extra that makes a huge difference.

Overall, getting your hair colored is a great way to enhance your appearance, and do something fun. Keep in mind the above tips and you should have a great coloring experience. Remember to have fun and enjoy your time with your stylist. Now if you have been debating weather to dye your hair for a while, pick up the phone or go online and book an appointment.

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