That Sun is Shining on You

Ethan Lipsitz
Jun 21, 2018 · 3 min read
Tonight’s summer solstice setting over the Mediterranean Sea from Northern Ibiza

I’m taking some time trampling around Europe for the next few weeks and have found myself spending this summer solstice in Ibiza, a place I always associated with international jet setters dancing to electronic music all day and night amongst luxury villas dotting the coastline. While these ingredients surely exist throughout this magical island, I have come to discover rich natural and historic agrarian beauty overwhelming my senses and offering so much to take in and enjoy beyond the dance floor.

To take in today’s grand finale, the solstice sunset, I went North to a quiet beach surrounded by cliffs with a small bar tucked into the rock face. I kicked off my shoes and sat on a rock on top of a cliff above the beach scene. Perched above the Mediterranean I began breathing in the sun as it set. The shimmering sunlit water sparkled in my eyes and I felt emotions welling up, the beauty of the moment was so much to digest.

Suddenly I realized something I never thought about before. Whenever you look at the sun, it is always staring right back in your direction. If you can see it, it can see you. This couldn’t be more obvious when looking at a sunset on the beach, the reflection of the sun in the water goes right back in your direction like a runway of light. I became aware of the fact that this was the same for everyone else looking at that sunset from the beach, the sun is beaming right at them across the mellow waters of the Med.

The cliffs and beach looking to the sunset, everyone got a personal ray blasting across the water to their eyes

This simple realization prompted me to start singing, a mantra came through me and I recorded the basic line in my phone. Upon returning to the ecolodge where I’m staying I turned it into a little ditty (warning audiophiles, mic quality was low):

- — -

There’s something special about the sun shining on us. I know the science of sight and perspective and getting gushy about it does have the capacity to inflate ones ego. I say why not indulge in this reality on this special day of extra long sun? The sun energy we are all receiving is a source of love, a source of vitamins and minerals and LIGHT. It powers us and we power it.

Wherever you are enjoying these longest days of summer, take a beat to enjoy that magical fireball up there. Remember it’s got your back, and all that light shines through you.

Ethan Lipsitz

Written by

Ethan Lipsitz is a Los Angeles based explorer living at the confluence of creativity and community.

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