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Jessica wearing her WINDOWMASK

We are in a time of reckoning. With the international Covid pandemic we’re recognizing the wild inequities that exist around health care, housing, education, access to resources and so much more. The entire world is going through a process of awakening to certain levels of immobility that may only have previously been known by those who live lives disabled by society.

Enter the face mask. Here we have an opportunity to weaken the impact of the pandemic when masks are worn around others and in public spaces. …

5 Things I Learned About Love, Conflict and Reconciliation with Tim Phillips

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Tim Phillips — Founder and CEO of Beyond Conflict.

Beyond Conflict is a global non-profit involved in conflict resolution in more than 70 countries, including South Africa, Northern Ireland, and El Salvador. As Founder and CEO, Tim Phillips has advised the United Nations, the U.S Department of State, and the Council of Europe and has been a frequent speaker in national and international forums, including the Council on Foreign Relations and the U.S Congress. Learn more and find Tim’s book ‘Beyond Conflict’ here.

This week on Love Extremist Radio I was honored to have a conversation with Tim Phillips. We dove into his history as a young activist and leader, organizing press trips to El Salvador in the 1980s to engage editors in covering the ongoing civil war and later advising leaders in Northern Ireland, South Africa ending Apartheid and holding Truth and Reconciliation commissions alongside Nelson Mandela and building coalitions between Sunni and Shiite Muslims from the Middle East. …

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Jonathan Bachman / Twitter

Here’s the truth: White people will always be oppressors until we consciously take action towards equity and justice. This is painful to hear and challenging to fully understand when you have the privilege of being white, yet its truth is undeniable.

Right now, in America and across the world, oppressed people are confronting extreme political, economic and physical violence. This violence is so often at the hands of white cis-gendered, able-bodied men towards women, people of color, indigenous, non-binary, trans, immigrants, and disabled people. …


Ethan Lipsitz

Ethan Lipsitz is a Los Angeles based explorer living at the confluence of creativity and community.

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