100+ Words a Day (18)

I finally found a friend of mine to take the Harvard CS50 online class with me. Programming is really hard to learn alone! I got really stuck on this one homework assignment and it took me like 3 hours to figure out. It was something as small as initializing the wrong variable in a loop (kms).

I’ve also recently learned what people mean when they say that as you start to become more successful, you start to say “No” a lot more. I think I’ve said no to more offers in the past 3 months than I have in the past year. It used to be really difficult for me to tell people no, but realizing that most people are understanding helps make it easier. Maintaining focus when you have an idea for the direction you want your life to go is really the most important thing.

I really need to write on here more. I get paid to write posts now, so I think my brain is starting to associate work with writing and blogging for work tends to be not as fun as blogging for myself. 100 words a day isn’t much. I’m sure I could knock those out more consistently. Maybe if I only give myself 10 minutes to write, I can start to hard program myself to do it everyday and spend a short amount of time on it. We’ll see where that goes.

Thanks for reading.