We fired our top talent. Best decision we ever made.
Jonathan Solórzano-Hamilton

It is really funny that it is clearly the project manager fault that let him isolate himself and allow him to do everything himself for that long before approaching him and fire him. You either get him on board on the project with all the agreements or not getting him onboard at all. It is a waste of time for the team for the company and for himself.

Reading this post I feel like I am reading the Daily Mail where the title is the catching shocking statement to get the readers attention and hence get more followers for personal gain.

To other readers: This is clearly the writer personal point of view about Rick whom the writer has the right and did fired him. The writer conclude or “judge” Rick in 4 main points without any example or evidences. Therefore, “We fired our top talent” is not the trend. It is not a normal thing a tech company would do considering the fact that talents are being hunt like crazy in IT.

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