As a follow-up to my previous post on the Value of Publishing, I wanted to type up some quick follow-on thoughts on potential disruptions in publishing, and current barriers-to-entry for would-be ‘disrupters’.

While my last post focused on book publishing, I’m going to focus my thinking on another form of…

Disruption is a word thrown around business school campuses — the ability to disintermediate established business models in favor of a less costly or more efficient new model, oftentimes leveraging technology in place of more-costly physical or human infrastructure (considering I’m ¼ through business school, you be the judge of…

One of the primary efforts that I’ve undertaken since beginning at Harvard Business School in the Fall is exploring a potential industry ‘pivot’ into the world of video games.

For better or worse, my initial impulse when seeking to learn something new is to cast a broad net and seek…

Ethan Hirsch

seeking perspective

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