Tomorrow is a culmination. Its the result, the reward. For all you have done to earn it. Summer workouts on hot Thursday evenings. Pulling tires and feeling like shit. Pulling them again. And again. Waking up every damn Saturday morning at seven AM to push yourself to the brink. To smash past it with your teammates, together. Walking into the school gym at 6 am and doing six inch holds for minutes on end going on seven hours of sleep. Pushing through those tough as hell long runs, the D loop, that one you hate more than anything but the one you beat time and time again. You pushed through, you gave it everything because failure wasn’t an option. There was no stopping, no slowing down, only the push, the endless push.

Now the day has come. The big race. You sometimes forget what you’re training for. But you should never forget your training. You are prepared. You are ready. You CAN succeed. That thought, more than anything, is what you need to believe. So when you are walking to the starting line, you are nervous. Leg hurts. Head hurts. Can’t breath. Maybe I’m dehydrated. Maybe I drank too much water.

Fuck it.

Walk to the line. Remember the grind. Remember the days that you worked your ass off. Remember that your teammates believe in you. Remember your coach believes in you. Believe in yourself.

The gun fires. Holy shit. Too fast. Gonna DIE. Shit where is my group? Doesn’t matter. You worked. You earned this. So TAKE IT. Run hard, run to succeed, run for your team, run for your coach, run for yourself. Life is short. Give everything.

It hurts. You thought it wouldn’t?

Fight back.

Remember your training.

Remember your goal.

Remember your team.

Remember you CAN.

-Yours truly