Apple goes for beauty while Android goes for functionality

iOS and Android now have very similar features, implemented with roughly the same ease of use, and with Apple playing feature catchup about as often as Google. So, the biggest remaining difference between the two OSs is arguably how they’re marketed, with corresponding differences in how they look and how the devices are priced.

A big part of this difference is that Apple markets the iPhone explicitly as a beautiful, status-conferring product whereas Android is marketed mostly as the collection of features that compose it, tied to some supplementary values like choice/customizability and affordability.

The Android site invites users to “Browse Devices” and extolls Android’s other virtues, but it rarely uses the word “beautiful”. It has fewer images than Apple’s site, and the images it does have are smaller. Apple’s visual overhaul in iOS7, meanwhile, is very fashion conscious, as Khoi Vinh pointed out in a thoughtful post. …


Ethan Resnick

Developer–designer. Into politics, journalism, philosophy.

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