I’m not Labour anymore

It’s a phrase I never thought I would say, but I am. Will I be Labour again, who knows… but not right now.

Since I’ve been properly invested in politics i’ve been a Labour supporter. I’ve supported a party that stands up for the people but that is also electable. Labour is doing neither right now.

Under Jeremy Corbyn the party has moved further left, admittedly so have I, but it has also lost its momentum with most voters — ironic saying thats what Corbyn’s supporters call their “spinoff”.

It was evident in the EU referendum that Labour lost touch with it’s voters as major grassroot Labour constituencies voted to leave the Union. Is Corbyn the sole person to blame for this? No. But is he partially responsable, yes.

I never have liked Corbyn as a leader, my preferred choice for leader was Yvette Cooper (If would have been Ed Balls if he could have run), but following the leadership election I decided to get behind him for the sake of the party.

It didn’t last long as I began to see what he was doing to the party, my party. He was drawing the centre left voters and the left voters against each other. He was splitting the party from the get go.

In order to win an election a leader needs to pull both sides together. Corbyn can’t do that and Corbyn won’t do that.

I dream of the day when Labour splits. A day when I can once again identify as a party. Until then I don’t know who I would vote for. If I was in Scotland I would 100% vote for the SNP. If I was in Wales I would probably vote for Plaid. With my constituency being a Labour stronghold, I would probably vote Lib Dem just for the sake of it, especially if I thought they had the momentum to win or become the official opposition.