Bring augmented reality into real world locations with geo-tracking from WWDC 2020

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With ARKit 4, it is now possible to anchor AR content at a specific coordinate in the real world. AR apps that previously relied on image recognition or scanning a code to launch location-specific experiences can now upgrade to take advantage of location anchors.

How geo-tracking works

As part of rebuilding the data backend for Apple Maps, Apple collected camera and 3D LiDAR data from city streets around the world. When using location anchors, ARKit downloads the virtual map surrounding your device from the cloud and matches it with the device’s camera feed. …

Add videos to planes, boxes, spheres, and more in augmented reality

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Among the RealityKit updates from WWDC 2020 are video materials. Like other RealityKit materials, VideoMaterial can be applied to any mesh, accepting an AVPlayer to handle playback. Here is a guide on how to add video to any RealityKit AR experience.

Add a video to your project

  1. Add a video file to your iOS target’s main folder
  2. Go to the iOS target’s settings, select Build Phases, and add your video under Copy Bundle Resources.
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Load the video in an AVPlayer

RealityKit uses an AVPlayer for video materials, so make sure to add import AVKit at the top of your ViewController.swift file.

To get the path of the video file, change the forResource and ofType parameters in the code to match your file. For example, if your file is myFileName.mp4 , the resource is myFileName , and the type is mp4 . With the path, we create a URL and then an AVPlayerItem to manage timing. …

Recaps, code samples, and resources for new Machine Learning announcements at WWDC 2020!

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WWDC 2020 here, and Apple has upgraded its Machine Learning tools and platforms. I will be updating this article with summaries of the announcements, code samples, and tutorials with the latest technologies during the conference week!

New in Core ML

  1. Deploy models to apps with CloudKit
  2. Model encryption

New in Create ML

  1. Train video models
  2. Train style transfer models on both image and video

Core ML Tools

Core ML Tools are a Python library for creating machine learning models in the Core ML format, and it received a huge update this week. …


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