20 Important Lessons That I Learned in College

There is a lot more to learn in college than just subject material, so here are the twenty most important things I have learned thus far.

  1. Nothing really prepares you for moving away from home.
  2. Going to school at a relatively young University in Chicago is not your normal college experience, but it was mine.
  3. Being a collegiate student-athlete is really, really hard at times.
  4. Make a lot of friends because there are countless benefits to this.
  5. People that say, “your GPA does not mean anything” are completely wrong.
  6. It is perfectly fine to not know what you are majoring in. I just figured it out and I am in my Junior year.
  7. Do not dedicate your college experience to partying.
  8. Most professors do not give a crap about you so you are accountable for yourself.
  9. Walking into a 200 person lecture hall is a bit intimidating (but awesome too).
  10. Community college is much different than 4-year Universities.
  11. Do not forget about your laundry. People will throw it on the floor.
  12. College is not for everyone, do not waste your time and money if you are not serious about it.
  13. Get a job while you are in school or during the summer so you can get a head start on those student loans.
  14. If a professor asks you to rewrite a paper several times they either want to see you improve from your last draft or they are just an asshole.
  15. If you share a bathroom with fifteen other people and have a test that day then wake up extra, extra early.
  16. Get to know your roommate. My roommate was the polar opposite of me but we ended up becoming good friends.
  17. Cafeteria food seriously does get old.
  18. If you go to school in Chicago become familiar with the ‘L’ and bus system.
  19. If you randomly break out into hives do not be afraid to ask your coach to bring you to the hospital.
  20. The worst thing you can do is stay in your dorm room 24/7. Get involved in anything.

Ethan S.