A to Z: Things That I Hate

The title says it all. In this entry I will be sharing with everyone twenty-six things, from A to Z, that I hate. This should be fun…

A. Arithmetic— Definitely my worst and least favorite school subject.

B. Baseball — Boring, slow-paced and…boring again.

C. Country music — Easily the worst music genre.

D. Drake — He is a tool, sorry Drizzy.

E. Energetic dogs — When they are too hyper it is just annoying.

F. Friends that don’t share Fritos — The worst kind of friends…

G. Golf — Somehow more boring than baseball!

H. Hairy backs — They are pretty nasty.

I. Insects — Every last one of them.

J. Jenga — That game keeps me on the edge of my seat every time.

K. Kips — This gymnastics move takes forever to learn and is difficult to teach.

L. Liars — Cannot trust em’.

M. Mayonnaise — I will only it on McChickens.

N. Nips — Cheez Itz are much better than Cheese Nips.

O. Olympic basketball — USA always wins, there is no competition.

P. Packers Fans — DA BEARS!

Q. Quarks — They are so small and confusing.

R. Raw fish — Yes I am talking about Sushi.

S. Spiders — Absolutely the scariest animal to walk the Earth.

T. Too much sauce — Too much sauce on anything blows. Got to have the right ratio.

U. Under-cooked meat— Medium well please.

V. Very hot pizza — So hot it burns the roof of your mouth!

W. Winter — It is my least favorite season for obvious reasons, I cannot walk around half naked.

X. Xyst — I do not like how this word is spelled…at all.

Y. Yawning — It is contagious, I swear.

Z. Zucchini — I do not even remember the last time I ate this, I might like it now.

That is all folks.

Ethan S.