Orwell’s Firewall

As a member of the Ministry of Truth [MINITRUE] Records Department [RECDEP], we have issued you a new Telecommunications Duct [TELEDUCT]. Any previously issued TELEDUCT units are to be immediately disconnected and returned for destruction to MINITRUE central facility. Please note that all data accessed and transmitted via this TELEDUCT are subject to TELECRIME statute 903.17.3.84.

If the Ministry of Truth had continued to develop technology beyond that of the pneumatic tube, I expect they would eventually develop a router that looks like this. I constructed this from the decayed remains of an HP 8013B Pulse Generator, the nomenclature of which reminded me of Terry Gilliam's “Brazil” and so I retained the model number for the TELEDUCT, and use pfSense to shape the traffic pouring through it. Its lights are blinking reminders that I am sending data out into a world of systems, corporations and governments that do not always share my values of openness, transparency or privacy.

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