What ClickFunnels Is And Why Every Business Needs It

An in-depth look at what ClickFunnels is and why every business desperately needs it to survive.

An in-depth look at what Clickfunnels is and why every business desperately needs it to survive.

On my daily walk to satisfy my raging Starbucks addiction, I saw an utterly tragic site.

Construction workers were tearing down a sign for the mom & pop pizza place conveniently located next door to the Starbucks.

(The only thing I like more than my white mocha with extra whip is a cheap slice of New York Style pizza…Nom, nom, nom.)

(If you aren’t folding it you are doing it wrong)

Anyway, the windows were covered with brown paper, and a white notice hung on the door.

As I watched the workers dismantle “Tony’s Pizza Shop” I hung my head in sadness.

Another business down.

Another entrepreneur calling it quits.

“Guess Tony should’ve used a sales funnel, guess he should’ve used Clickfunnels”, I thought to myself.

Everyday thousands of businesses are shutting down around the world.

If I had to guestimate the #1 reason it would be:

They can’t get enough sales.

Everyday entrepreneurs around the world struggle to sell their products and services.

No matter what they do they just can’t seem to gain enough momentum to get the snowball rolling.

It seems like a constant battle against the feast and famine cycle.

One month they are eating Grade-A Steak, and the next they are scraping last bits of leftovers out of the fridge.

No matter what they do they just can’t get a consistent stream of leads and sales.

Cold calling, paid advertising, writing blog posts, meeting after meeting.

Sleepless nights and unimaginable sacrifices are made to keep the lights on.

Life at the office isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

(A Typical Day In The Office)

Worst of all, if they manage to take a break to go home they are forced to face their families and friends, when they are asked…

“So, John, how is the business going?”

The feeling of failure is almost too much to bare some days.

The life and business they have dreamed of having for years seems out of reach.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs that are scaling their businesses faster than a beaver can build a damn.

They are reaching unimaginable heights, and growing exponentially every quarter.

(Make it Rain B*tches)

Margins are large enough that they can hire staff to handle the nitty gritty tasks, leaving them to work on the areas of the business they like the best.

Life at home is even better than at the office.

They are traveling the world, and spending ungodly amounts of time enjoying life with their family and friends. Their kids actually know who they are.

How is this possible?

How are these unknown entrepreneurs 10Xing their businesses seemingly overnight?

Well, a very small percentage of entrepreneurs are building automated revenue generating machines called sales funnels using a software called Clickfunnels.

Image Source: Clickfunnel.com

I’m going to give you the reasons why every business desperately NEEDS Clickfunnels, but first lets go over some basics.

Don’t get your undies in a bunch!

If you are advanced, just skip this part.

But, if you are a beginner… and you have no idea what a sales funnel is, or what Clickfunnels is.

This is for you.

“What are sales funnels?”

If you haven’t heard of a marketing funnel, or a sales funnel.

Well, hot diggity dog, today is your lucky day!

I’m going to help you get out from under the old school marketing rock, and join the modern marketing era.

Basically, a sales funnel is a sequence of web pages that leads a potential customer down a sales process.

Instead of having a sales person selling, you have a sales funnel.

From my experience, sales people are sort of high maintenance.

Unlike Joe, your hard core closer, sales funnels don’t complain, they don’t ask for raises, and they work 24/7.

So, instead of hiring a bunch of Joe’s you could just have a funnel that walks the lead through the sales process.

(Sorry Joe)

Sales funnel pages don’t look like the typical webpages you would hire a fancy developer to code and a graphic design to make it look all sexy and sleek.

Usually sales funnel pages are simple and ugly as a duck.

That’s because their purpose isn’t to look good.

They are trained snipers, with one purpose: Sell your product or service.

Sales funnels might make, Jane, your designer puke, but they’ll put money in your pocket.

(Sorry Jane)

I had a super hard time understanding how all this works when I first got started in business.

So, I did a sketch for you on the back of a Starbucks napkin to illustrate.

(Drawing on napkins… well, it makes me feel “hipster”)

In the most basic sense, you send people (traffic) to your funnel from various places like Facebook, Instagram, Blog posts, Reddit, Linkedin, and your sales funnel turns these people into customers.

It’s called a funnel because as people go through your funnel a progressively lower percentage of them will continue to buy your higher priced items.

Some customers might only buy your lowest priced product or service.

While others might buy the entire product-line.

The point of the sales funnel is to take people who have never heard of you, build trust and rapport with them, and then sell them your products or services.

A sales funnel can be broken into three sections:

Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, Bottom of Funnel.

Top of Funnel:

When traffic on the internet comes into the top of your sales funnel, they usually have no idea who you are.

These people are considered “cold traffic”.

You usually start the relationship out by giving these people something free in return for their contact information.

Middle of Funnel:

As they go through your sales funnel you follow up with them to give them value, and build trust with them.

This turns cold traffic to warm traffic.

At this point you can start to sell them your lower priced items.

Out of all the people that came into the top of your funnel, a certain percentage of them will buy your low ticket items, and you can upsell them to your medium ticket products.

Bottom of Funnel:

At the bottom of the funnel is where warm traffic becomes hot traffic.

These are the people that LOVE you and your product.

This is where a small percentage of customers will buy your higher ticket products of services.

Sales funnels come in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors.

You can have a tripwire funnel, a webinar funnel, a sales call funnel, a lead generation funnel, and so on to infinity.

I don’t want you to get too caught up in all of that.

The point is:

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, there is a sales funnel can help you get more leads, and sales.

“Cool…I still don’t get it.”

Don’t worry! Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you have a facebook ad that says:

“Click here to get a free cookie”

People click on that ad faster than they can snatch a cookie out of grandma’s cookie jar.

Then they land on the first page of your sales funnel.

In order to get the free cookie they have to put in their email and shipping address.

After they enter that they land on an upsell page.

“Would you like milk with that? It’ll be $9.99”

Some people will say, heck yeah!

Others will click no.

The people that click yes will be sent to another upsell page…

“Would you like a blanket to go with your cookie and milk? It’ll be $49”

A certain percentage of people will say yes.

The people that click yes will be sent to ANOTHER upsell page…

“Would you like a rocking chair to go with your cookie, milk, and blanket? It’ll be $297”

A certain percentage will click yes.

The people that click yes will be sent to the final page in your sales funnel.

“Would you like one of our professional storytellers to visit you at your house and read you a story while you sit in your chair, cozy up under your blanket, eat your cookie, and drink your milk? It’ll be $997”

Did you just see what we did there?

We created a sales funnel that gives your customer MORE value, and in return you get more $.

Our sales funnel looks like this:

Not only did we give our customer happiness and warmth,

We also increased the revenue for each customer.

This allows us breakeven on our advertising expenses and still be profitable.

Fantastic huh?

Where people fail with this is they get lazy.

Most people create a facebook ad that says

“Do you want a cookie? It’s $2.99”

Then they send them to a page and sell them a $2.99 cookie.

The problem is that advertising is so expensive…

There is no way you will be profitable just selling a $2.99 cookie.

Don’t be a lazy marketer.

Don’t create a funnel like this:

Use a multi-step sales funnel to breakeven fast on your adspend then upsell them on your other products.

Or, if you provide a service and you need leads…

You can also use a funnel for lead generation.

Say you are trying to get more fitness training clients,

You can use a sales funnel to get them on a free 30 minute fitness consultation.

You run ads to the funnel and it automatically fills your calendar with potential clients you can close over the phone.

“Gotcha, so how do I build one of these fancy sales funnels?”

With software like Clickfunnels…duhhh.

“What is Clickfunnels?”

Clickfunnels is a simple software that helps you sell your products or services online.

Clickfunnels helps make the process of building profitable sales funnels easy and painless.

It was created by a team of marketing experts including Russell Brunson.

Their mission was to make a software that would make building a profitable sales funnel as easy as possible for business owners.

They were tired of spending thousands of dollars and months just to build a single funnel.

So, they created Clickfunnels.

Now even the least tech savvy founders can build funnels to sell their products or services quickly.

“I think I understand, now tell me why every business desperately needs Clickfunnels”

Here are 8 reasons why every business desperately needs Clickfunnels:

1. The dreaded feast & famine cycle becomes a thing of the past

Back in the day when grocery stores, restaurants, and frozen dinners didn’t exist, it’s understandable that cavemen and women had a hard time finding a consistent stream of food.

Some days they would go hunting, but would find no animals to kill or berries to eat.

Other days they would find herds of fresh meat and fields of succulent fruit.

It was a stressful time not knowing if you would eat the next day or not.

In modern days, many entrepreneurs are stuck in a similar feast & famine cycle.

Each month they go out hunting for sales, and some months are the best they ever had.

Other times, they run into long dry spells, not knowing if they will be able to keep the doors open, or pay their employees.

But, nowadays there is no reason to be stuck in such horrid cycle.

With the advent of the internet we have more opportunity than EVER to create consistent and reliable streams of leads and sales.

We just have to know how to harness the power of the internet and channel it into a revenue generating machine for our businesses.

That’s where building a sales funnel with Clickfunnels comes in.

The cavemen and women stayed on the feast and famine cycle until they were able to create systems to grow their own food, and raise their own animals.

This created a consistent and reliable stream of food for them to eat.

Gone were the days of going from plenty to none. This is exactly the same as how business works.

Once you have a sales funnel built, and you have successfully started to get traffic to your funnel, it can make sales for you day and night, month after month.

Your automated lead generation system goes out finds your target market, builds trust and rapport with them, and finally closes the sale.

You can finally end the feast and famine cycle.

2. 10X’ing your business becomes easy and fast

If you knew with 100% certainty that if you invested $1 that you would get $5 back after a certain amount of time, how much would you invest?

As much money as you could possibly get your hands on…right?

Well, that’s exactly how a profitable sales funnel works.

Once you know with absolute certainty that if you spend $100 on advertising you will get $200, $300, $500, or even $1000 of revenue out, all you gotta do is spend more on advertising.

How fast do you think you could 10X your business if the only thing holding it back was how much you could spend on advertising?

I bet you could 10X pretty freakin’ quickly.

3. You’ll have less tech headaches

Back in the day, when computers were first made available to the public, you almost needed to be a genius to figure out how to run them.

I remember my dad yelling expletives for hours as he sat in our study trying to troubleshoot our first Dell computer back in the dial up days.

It wasn’t pretty.

This is how marketing online used to be too.

If you didn’t hire an internet whiz kid, you were stuck spending months trying to figure out how to get your landing pages built and integrated with dozens of different platforms.

Then, once you finally got everything built, something would break randomly or, you wouldn’t know where your customers were coming from.

Just thinking about it makes me want to yell some choice words.

This is exactly what the co-founders of Clickfunnels aimed to fix.

They wanted a software that was stupid simple to use that would take the headaches out of marketing.

So, they created Clickfunnels so they could build their entire marketing funnels without tearing their hair out or hiring a bunch of geniuses.

Which brings us to the next point…

4. Legendary revenue numbers no longer mean you have to have a huge team

Hate managing people?

Me too!

It’s like having a roommates.

You have to try and find some good roommates.

Then they have to move in, you have to tell them all the rules, and when they break the rules drama starts.

It’s exactly what having a ton of employees is like.

You have to go out and find them.

Then you have to interview them.

You have to hire them and give them benefits.

Then you have to make sure they are behaving and making good choices.

And, when they aren’t you have to kindly tell them to knock it off or get rid of them.

Ugh, employees are a pain.

Luckily, with Clickfunnels you can scale your revenue without scaling your company and stress.

Since Clickfunnels is easy to use, you no longer need a web-developer to build your pages, and you certainly don’t need a graphic designer.

Heck, they even have a software called Funnel Scripts that helps write all the copy for you so you don’t even need a copywriter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for less drama and less headaches.

Let’s keep it simple, get rid of the roommates.

5. You can cut the cord on more of your tech stack

Recently, I came into a crisis with my business.

I couldn’t remember the passwords to all the software systems I use to run my business.

So, I changed them all to the same password which almost seems just as bad.

But, since I started using Clickfunnels I was able to cut the cord on most of those software systems I was paying for each month.

I hate monthly subscriptions almost as much as I hate roommates and managing people

Clickfunnels gives you everything you need to sell your product or service online.

So you can cut the cord on your autoresponder, your affiliate software, your landing page software, your membership software, your tracking software.

If you can’t remember all your passwords… you simply have too many of them!

6. Your business turns into an agile cheetah

Have you ever noticed how some people get a ton of work done?

I always wondered how they had so much energy and were able to do so much.

That’s when I realized that they had systems and tools in their life that allowed them to innovate and try new things ridiculous fast.

That’s what Clickfunnels does.

It used to take me forever to create landing pages, which is never a good thing because even the best marketers in the world don’t know if a sales funnel will work until it’s launched.

So, the goal is to move extremely quickly so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t FAST.

Clickfunnels gives you the systems and tools to move faster and easier.

7. You can spend more time delighting customers

What are the things that REALLY matter in business? Well, in my opinion they are.

  1. Product/Service
  2. Customer Service
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing

So, what happens when you automate your marketing and sales?

Well you get to spend more time on making your product better, and providing the best darn customer service in the world.

Which then results in easier marketing, and more sales.

Heck, you might even get to spend more time doing what you ACTUALLY want to work on in your business.

8. You’re only one funnel away

I want to give you one more reason, and it’s the most important freakin’ reason of them all.

You’re only one funnel away.

One funnel away from what you ask?

The life, the family, the business, and the freedom you dream of.

See, once you get off the feast and famine cycle, automate your marketing and sales, and 10X your business you’ll have a lot more time and money to do what you want, when you want.

If you are anything like me, you are chasing freedom and purpose.

Freedom to live where you want.

Freedom to spend your time doing exactly what you WANT and leave a legacy you’ll be proud of.

And Financial Freedom so you and your family never has to worry about money again.

Sales funnels have been the key to thousands of entrepreneurs achieving their ultimate lifestyle.

So, remember you are only one funnel way.

Don’t be the entrepreneur that has to close your doors and go back to the good ol’ 9–5.

Be the bad-A entrepreneur that is taking over the world using a sales funnel.

Every Business Desperately Needs One.

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