LD2L Season 3 player rankings

Alright so here’s the disclaimer… I’ve spent the last 5 hours assembling furniture and drinking seagrams. I’m not proud of the seagrams but you work with what you’re given. Anyway I thought I’d do a short blog for each player that I am familiar with. Don’t get butt hurt if I didn’t mention you. It’s probably because I haven’t played enough with you to have an opinion. That being said… I’ll just work my way down the signup sheet. There are no specific rules to the way I rate people, so keep that in mind. I just go by what feels right.

Yumi: Meepo and arc warden player. Disgusting. Pretty much frees up 2 bans for your team. 4/5

Xshal: Make way for the season 1 champion! Not sure what role he’s playing this season, but he’s a cool guy to be on a team with. 3.5/5

Redlegoguy: This guy has the most ridiculous support builds, and what’s even worse is that sometimes they work. I don’t have much faith because of how bizarre some of his drafts are, but I would absolutely love for him to prove me wrong. 3/5

Scrub: Fuck techies. It will be banned 9/10 games for sure. Scrub is a great techies player, but don’t think banning it will secure you a win. I’ve seen him stomp with pudge and skywrath as well. Needs to work on the PMA a bit, but he’s a solid 4/5.

Be_swift: Dude just press the mute button (on yourself) every once in a while and you might get vouched. 1/5

Boh: This guy plays anti fun support heroes. BOOOOO

Royce: So last season I thought this guy was crusader 3 or something (maybe he was) Turns out he’s legend 2? 3? :monkas:


Mous: The first game I played with him he raged really hard, so I thought I’d be able to tilt him in league games with chat wheel.

I was fucking wrong.

He almost always ends up solo carrying every game I play with/against him. Chill out bro, you’re definitely one of the best players in the league, and I hate being on the opposing team. 4.5/5

Trent: Another player who consistently performs well. I haven’t played a lot with him, so I don’t know if he flames or not, but I do know that he almost always wins lanes (except for the grand finals) lul 4.5/5

Venuz: Solid carry player. If you can manage to make him tilt then your chances of winning the game are significantly higher. 3.5/5

Choco: The self proclaimed sumail of LD2L. He’s pretty good, but I’m not sure if he’s the best. Good luck banning heroes against him because he can play pretty much anything. Fun guy to play with. 4/5

Crypt1c: Best player hands down. 6/5 :Kappa:

Boxes: Dude has no idea wtf he’s doing half the time. Still never gets salty and is a blast to play with. Has an obvious desire to improve. 4/5

Kyrix: Hide your kids and hide your standins… Kyrix is gonna claim S3 grand champion. :Kappapride:
He’s pretty laid back when I’ve played with him. Don’t have much experience though. 3.5/5

Elusive: If LD2L had a mascot it would be this guy…
One minute he’s stomping on kunkka, the next he’s got over 30 deaths on pudge. No flame though… He and I both suffer from the same inconsistency. He’s a lot of fun to play with and with the right team I think he can really shine. 4/5

Midorchen: Best player in the league imo. He’s the offlaner I’d like to be this season. Probably the only 5/5 I’m going to give this entire blog.

Brionne: Willing to bite the bullet and play support for the team. Brionne has maintained a PMA and would be a solid 4 or 5 this season. 3.5/5

Luth: Not sure what to say here exactly. I don’t think Luth is a flashy player, he’s more of a team player. When he wins mid lane you don’t really think “man that guy stomped mid”, the victory over mid lane translates into an advantage for his team as a whole. He’s probably the FATA of LD2L. 4/5

Poxie: I’ve only played with him once maybe? His pudge is impressive but the “toxie” reputation seems to have some merit after casting his last inhouse (pls no banerino from kappa stack). Poxie seems fun to play when he’s actually trying to win. 3/5

Krug: I’ve seen him play support, carry and offlane, and I’ve seen him do well in every role. Krug is a good flex pick. 4.5/5

Atifex: I honestly have no idea why, but I get atifex and krug mixed up sometimes. (sorry guys.) They’re both great players. 4.5/5 also

Trees: Spent last season learning mid. Needs to expand his hero pool, but just a fun guy to play with in general. 4.5/5

Jotham: Always a pleasure to play some games with Jotham (even when I feed the whole time) 4/5

Hail Satin: Just ban warlock. She’ll probably end up surprising us with 300 meepo games in preparation for S3 who knows. 4/5

Teekay: Last chance to snatch this one up. Teekay is equally good at every role I’ve seen him play. First pick material for sure. (I lied, teekay gets a 5/5 too)

Molski: Never really seen him play anything but support. Either way he seemed to have a good grasp of really being a pain in the ass for whoever is laning against him. 4/5

Oc: Inhouse stats say he’s a 2/5, but if you’ve played with Oc you know better. On a good day he’s a 5/5 and on an average day he’s an easy 4.5

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