These zen gift ideas create an instant vibe of peace and serenity for the enlightenment seeker.

An age of stress and anguish has dawned on many of us. In a time where we are begging to relax and release our inner tension, the practice of meditation has been a much needed companion in our journey to stillness.

But for those friends who think sitting down for a few minutes and being present is too arduous, or that it’s reserved for spiritual monks who close themselves off in the Himalayas, these gifts may be an excellent gateway in reminding them to tap into that inner reserve of calmness.

The Buddha Board is an ephemeral form of painting…

Letting yourself embrace instability to discover peace and joy.

Image by Christine Engelhardt from Pixabay

The word “lonely” is perhaps one of the most negatively associated words in the English language. Everybody wants to feel included in something in some way or another. Nobody wants to be lonely. To be lonely is to be among failure in our society. You are encouraged to do anything you wish, but by all means, do not be lonely. Do anything you can to find your place within others, whether that be a job, family, relationship, or group identity.

It’s an expectation to get married in western society. Your friends give you sour looks if you don’t have a…

How our collective loneliness due to social media may be the stepping stone to a more connected culture.

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay

The research is clear — social media makes us lonely. Even the perceived feeling of happiness, while we scroll through our timelines, is fleeting as we inevitably compare our lives to those of others, trying in vain to become the “perfect” human. We continuously distort ourselves to the point of losing self-recognition. We become depressed, apathetic, and start to become defensive after not meeting our unattainable goals, thinking “This is so unfair, why does this have to happen to me?”

How we can tame our monkey brains to realize happiness in this modern world through mindfulness.

We’ve all been there — something that happened to us in the past keeps looping over and over in our minds, being played on repeat like a horror film we didn’t buy tickets to. We endlessly ruminate about chapters of our lives that have already been written. We create an imaginary slice of time in our brains where we deliberate over what life would be like if we had just done something differently.

But why? What is the purpose of criticizing ourselves for the past, often to the point of apathy and frustration, if we can’t really do anything about…

Identity is the crux of the modern human experience. But is it worth attaching to?

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

As a human culture we are no strangers to attachment and possession. We own our homes, our cars, our children in some cases. We become attached to physical objects, and only very recently has social media really brought this notion to the center stage, allowing humans for the first time in history to openly flaunt their achievements and possessions for millions of other human beings to be jealous of. Just a few hundred years ago, the human ego and desire for attention was the same as it is today, albeit with one major change. People could only realistically share their…

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