10 Perfect Ways To Flaunt A Black PPLA Clothing Fur Vest

One of the best elements of winter fashion is fur. And when it is a classic black piece, you get to experiment with multiple looks because black simply fits in with every other color combination. In case of a stylish PPLA Clothing fur vest, try the following styles:

1. Go black on black
You can’t go wrong with a black fur vest over black full sleeved T-shirts or even a little black dress.

2. Layer it over a button down
Fur vests can add the ultimate finesse to an ordinary button-down shirt and a pair of denim pants.

3. Belt it up
You can simply wind a thin belt around the vest and give it a makeover.

4. Make regular Free People discount clothing more interesting
Whether it is an ombre dress by Free People or a casual pair of top and trousers, if you can layer it up with a simple fur vest, you would have transformed the most basic look into a highly fashionable one.

5. Team it up with boots
Furs and boots can be the best of friends. Just make sure you keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum.

6. Don a floppy hat
You can’t really go wrong with a solid colored hat that matches your overall look while complementing the fuzzy appeal of your fur.

7. Go monochrome
Take a cue from the black on black look and try some gray instead. Black on gray would create a very charming ensemble that you can wear on a variety of occasions. If you find it too monotonous for your taste, you can add a pop of color in the form of a small bag.

8. Wrap a huge scarf around your neck
If you can carry off a long slender skirt with the fur vest, you should complete the look with a huge scarf that adds to the cozy feel of the entire look of the vest in particular and your attire in general.

9. Try it with a jacket
If it gets too cold, a bigger faux leather jacket can work wonderfully over a fur vest. Just remember to balance out the color combination well and it would be good to go.

10. Try an over sized look
Leggings, short boots and long plain sweater in a solid color can be all glammed up when you throw on a fur vest by PPLA Clothing. A simple metallic necklace and a pair of gloves would add to the appeal.

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