Information as an Undermining Technology

Friedman tells us information can act both as a catalyst of engaging with innovative solutions to enhancing human values in technology or it can serve a destructive role in undermining other aspects of human behavior and the ethics of information.

A good example of this phenomena could be the advent of the internet itself. With the recent discussions we have been having in class about privacy human values can be examined in a constructive and critical light from the lens of the internet. While having a worldwide database that connects millions of nodes across the world to a single accessible platform we see that there are both benefits and downfalls to the system.

The benefit being that with this new found access to information humans can know and access almost any type of information they desire within a very short amount of time. This boosts the value humans hold with knowledge and the way we now treat information as the highest source of authority and power. However, in the same way, we disvalue privacy in the way that we now allow any kind of fact and record to be accessible by any individual at any time turning information into a way to attack other humans. In my eyes, effectively degrading the value of information and the way it should be used.

This information technology shows both how and why information can be used to either enhance or under mind human values.

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