I remember when I first started beatboxing, I wasn’t really sure where to look for good tutorials and resources. But once you delve deeper into your search you’ll find more quality beatboxing videos that’s not by KRNFX (don’t get me wrong — he’s great, and he’s on top hits for tutorials).


  1. KRNFX: His tutorial is a perfect place to start. You’ll get all the basic sounds you need in your arsenal along with a good amount of advanced techniques. Sometimes his explanations are kinda brief and insufficient, so you’ll need other channels to supplement his tutorials. …

This Saturday, I dropped by the LA Time’s Book Festival at USC to check out what was going on.

So my friend and I planned our day strategically, by aiming to go through most of the booths around McCarthy and Trousdale in the morning and sit in for the guest speakers right in font of Doheny.

Us trying to figure out which celebrities to see

So we ended up picking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bryan Cranston, Ayesha Curry, and Hanna Hart.

Asides from answering his fans about the Lakers and UCLA’s basketball team (especially Lonzo Ball and his father LaVar Ball), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talked about his political activism and his inspiration…

To establish an exhibit for the history of animation, we need to setup a layout for the museum that displays the progression and development of animation and the technologies used to make them throughout the past century.

As for a more specific layout of the exhibit:

One way to do it is to create displays for different genres of animated films. Each exhibit goes in-depth on their respective genre and traces through the themes, messages behind the scene, and the animation technology used for each genre. Another way is to create displays covering different time periods and go in-depth on…

This spring break, I visited the Exploratorium.

The Exploratorium is definitely an interesting museum for everyone who’s slightly interested in science. From explaining simple concepts like motion to complex phenomenon like electromagnetism’s effect on producing sound, the Exploratorium offers insights in many different fields in science (including psychology), and even as a college student, I learned a good amount of physics. Along with categories in different scientific categories, the Exploratorium also categorizes its exhibits based on the way visitors interact with the exhibits. For example, there are interactive games illustrating game theory that multiple people can play, while there are…

Ethan Yu

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