Ethash Miner is now Active at FatBTC, you can Trade Now !

Ethash Miner will be Listed on Nanu.Exchange

Deposit Opens : 2020.04.16 16:00 (GMT-3)

Trading Opens : 2020.04.17 16:00 (GMT-3)

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Ethash — the new Ethash Algorithm Cryptoasset

Ethash is a global open-source token for decentralized digital currency

on Ethash it brings you the best Ethash Algorithm token, easy to store and easy to controls digital value, and is accessible anywhere in the world, just like Ethereum.

What is Ethash ?

Ethash or known as HETH, is a digital decentralized currency, ethash using the ethash algorithm technology of token.

Ethash is the foundation for a new era of the token.

-An internet where money and payment are built in.

-An very safe digital currency, Anti SPY, but transparant.

-An open-access infrastructure, controlled by no Central, Admin, Company or Person.

-An internet where everyone has access to an open financial system.

-An very stabilize price of Token


visit : Join our Community ! Telegram : @ethashcommunity , @ethashnews

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