Ethbet Crowdsale Statistics

Ethbet Project

The Ethbet crowdsale reached its hard cap of 7,500,000 tokens sold on September 22nd and is now permanently closed to new investors. The crowdsale lasted for 4.66 days or 16.6% of its possible duration of four weeks. We’d like to thank everyone involved and hope that this project continues just as well if not better than it has been started. This post contains some information about the crowdsale that viewers may find interesting.


The amount of total successful contributions to the crowdsale was 1476. These contributions were made from 1149 unique addresses, with each address on average making 1.28 contributions.

Most contributions were made during the first day, with 66.9% of all tokens being sold during this period. The pie chart below shows what proportion of tokens were sold during which day.

tokens sold per day

The line chart below is similar but instead shows contributions over time based in ETH. The rate of contribution after the first day was relatively constant, with an average of 8.6% of tokens being purchased per day.

crowdsale contributions over time

Contribution Amounts

The average contribution per transaction was 3.46 ETH. Three transactions tied for the largest contribution, which was 200 ETH. The smallest contribution made was 0.0009 ETH, with the user including a transaction fee of 150% their contribution.

The pie chart below shows which classes of contributions contributed the most to the crowdsale. A total of 9 large transactions contributed to almost 25% of the crowdsale’s hard cap, while 613 small transactions added up to just under 5%.

crowdsale contributions by amount

Transaction Fees

The average transaction fee was $0.63. One user holds the record for the largest transaction fee of $28.10. One user also managed to contribute with a transaction fee of only $0.0000003.

Token Holders

A continuously updated pie chart of EBET token holders is also available on etherscan here. Note that several of the largest holders are not individuals (such as reserved tokens (#1), the EtherDelta address (#2), and others).

Tools used to create this post include Etherscan, LibreOffice, CanvasJS, Awk, Sed, and more.

Feel free to email or speak up in the Discord to suggest an addition or modification to this post.

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