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Sep 13, 2017 · 7 min read

This post contains all information relevant to the Ethbet crowdsale. Instructions are provided on how to contribute to the crowdsale and frequently asked questions are answered in detail near the bottom.

The crowdsale is sold out and is now closed to new investors. If you would still like to obtain EBET, you much purchase it on an exchange, currently HitBTC or EtherDelta.

For statistics about the crowdsale, please read our post-crowdsale medium post:

How to Contribute to the Ethbet Crowdsale

In order to contribute to the Ethbet crowdsale, you will need a supported Ethereum wallet and Ether (ETH). Ether is the only currency that is accepted. For instructions on purchasing Ethereum see the FAQ section.

Supported wallets include: MyEtherWallet (online), Parity (desktop), and Mist (desktop). If you are newer to cryptocurrencies, MyEtherWallet is the easiest option.

Examples of wallets that are not supported: Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Bitrexx, Jaxx, Cex, and many others. Do not send from these wallets. Do not send from an exchange. Only wallets where you can export your private key are supported.

Do not send Ether from an exchange. Do not send Ether from a wallet that you do not control. Your tokens will be lost.

Do not contribute to the crowdsale without fully understanding the risks that will be presented to you on the crowdsale page.

The Ethbet Crowdsale is currently live.

Contributing With MyEtherWallet

Warning: Many websites attempt to impersonate MyEtherWallet in order to steal money from users. Do not trust links to MyEtherWallet. Type in the URL yourself (, bookmark it, and make sure that it looks similar to this in your browser:

To participate in the Ethbet crowdsale using MyEtherWallet:

1. Ensure your wallet is loaded or created in MyEtherWallet and that you have Ether (ETH) to send.

2. Click the ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ tab on the top left.

3. Load your wallet details into MyEtherWallet if they have not already been loaded.

4. In the To Address field, input the crowdsale contract address, found via our crowdsale page.

5. In the Amount to Send address, input the amount of Ether you would like to contribute.

6. In the Gas Limit field, enter 200,000. If you intend on contributing first you may want to set a higher gas price as well.

7. Click Generate Transaction at the bottom. Make sure the details are correct and then hit send.

8. You will receive the appropriate amount of EBET. In order to instruct MyEtherWallet to display your newly acquired tokens, hit Add Custom Token and input the information from the ‘Token Information’ section below.

Contributing With Other Wallets

The process for contributing with other wallets such as Parity or Mist is very similar to the above process. All that needs to be done is to send the desired amount of Ether to the crowdsale contract address. Make sure your transaction fee is high enough.

Token Information

Purchased tokens will not be locked. You will be able to freely send them to any address at any time. EBET is currently already listed on at least one exchange. Please read the FAQ section for updates on this.

The following token information can be used to configure various wallets or websites to display EBET:

Address: 0x7D5Edcd23dAa3fB94317D32aE253eE1Af08Ba14d

Symbol: EBET

Decimals: 2

EBET is an Ethereum-based token that follows the ERC20 standard. All that means is that it works in the same way other Ethereum tokens work, which allows it to be supported by a large amount of wallets and exchanges.

Crowdsale FAQ

When does the crowdsale start and end?

The Ethbet Crowdsale is currently live.

The crowdsale will last until all 7.5M tokens have been sold or until exactly 4 weeks pass (October 15th, 8PM UTC), whichever event happens first.

What are the minimum and maximum transaction amounts?

There is no minimum investment amount. The Ethbet token has 2 decimals, meaning that the smallest quantity of EBET that can be sent is 0.01. Contributing less than 0.01 ETH is strongly discouraged.

There is no maximum investment amount. As our crowdsale is performed by a smart contract, there is no technically feasible way to limit the amount that an individual can invest, as a limit could be bypassed by using multiple addresses and transactions.

I sent Ethereum but did not get any tokens. What should I do?

If you sent Ethereum to the Ethbet crowdsale contract address but have not received tokens, one of the following occurred:

  • You have received your tokens, but your wallet has not been configured to display them. Please read the ‘Token Information’ section to fix this and check your address on
  • Your transaction fee was too low, causing your transaction to be refunded instead of executed. Try increasing your gas limit and sending again.
  • The crowdsale is sold out and no tokens remain. You will not be able to participate in the crowdsale, however you can purchase tokens at a later date from others or on exchanges.
  • Your transaction is still being processed. The Ethereum network may take several minutes to process (mine) your transaction. Be patient and wait a bit longer.
  • You sent Ether from an exchange or wallet that you did not control. You did not read the warnings that have been posted everywhere and have lost your tokens as a result. Sorry.

How do I find out the crowdsale address?

To find out the crowdsale address, please visit If a count down is displayed, the crowdsale is not yet live. If the crowdsale is live, please proceed on the website in order to be given the address. Do not trust addresses that are given to you by strangers — they may be trying to steal your Ethereum.

How many tokens will I get for the amount I send?

The following chart displays the rate that EBET will be exchanges for ETH.

For example, sending 10 ETH on the first day will get you 10*1500 = 15,000 EBET.

Sending 5 ETH on the third day will get you 5*1400 = 7,000 EBET.

The exact block that the effective rate changes on will be published as the crowdsale continues.

What is the soft cap and hard cap of the crowdsale?

The crowdsale passed its soft cap of 300ETH within the first minute.

The crowdsale will reach its implicit hard cap after all available tokens have been purchased. If all tokens are purchased on the first day this will result in a maximum contribution of 5,000ETH.

Which exchanges will the token be listed on?

The token will not be frozen after purchase, users are free to send it to any address that they’d like to.

The following exchanges already have EBET listed for trading: HitBTC, EtherDelta

How does the crowdsale transaction work?

The crowdsale is hosted by a smart contract on the Ethereum network. The smart contract has a function that tells it to send tokens to anyone that sends Ethereum to it. The source code of the smart contract is visible on and has been audited for security vulnerabilities as well as had bug bounties available for it

Whichever address that sends Ethereum to the smart contract will get tokens sent back to it. This is why sending from an exchange wallet is not allowed, as the actual transaction may be sent by a wallet that the exchange owns instead of one that the user owns.

Will I lose my Ether or Tokens if I __________________?

This question is intended to address any concerns about a user losing their funds if something goes wrong in the process of purchasing EBET.

When the smart contract is sent Ethereum, it will accept the Ethereum and send EBET to the user who sent it Ethereum. If this cannot be done for any reason, such as if the user sent too early, too late, or if there are not enough tokens remaining, the user instead receives their Ether back, minus the transaction fee.

Any transaction beyond this is the responsibility of the user. If you lose your wallet and private keys, you will lose your tokens. If you send them to the wrong person, you will lose them. If you sent Ether from an exchange, you will likely lose them. But there is no case where the smart contract fails to do what it Is designed to, which is simply send tokens in exchange for EBET. After EBET has been sent by the contract, you cannot reverse the transaction or receive a refund in any way, although you can sell or transfer your tokens to anyone else if you would like to.

How do I purchase Ethereum?

If you do not have Ethereum, you will need to purchase it in order to participate in the Ethbet crowdsale. If you do not know what Ethereum is, this crowdsale is not intended for you and you should save your money instead.

If you would like to exchange a different cryptocurrency for Ethereum, use a service such as Shapeshift or a cryptocurrency exchange such as Bitfinex or Poloniex.

If you do not have any cryptocurrencies, you will need to purchase them from a website such as Coinbase or Gemini. This may take a long time and involve identity verification.

I have a problem or question that isn’t listed here

Please email Be aware that we cannot refund tokens that have been lost due to sending from an exchange or due to any other error caused by the user, such as losing their private keys. It is simply not technically possible.

If you believe any information on this page is incorrect or missing, please email

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