How To Manually Add EBK Tokens To Your Wallet

Sep 12, 2017 · 2 min read
The recommended token wallet

The crypto community has shown a lot of interest in the EthBooks ICO. We have decided to guide token buyers on how to manually add EBK tokens to the recommended wallet, MyEtherWallet ( The process is fairly easy and you should see your shiny EBK tokens in your wallet once you’re done following the steps below:

Adding a Custom Token

  1. Click the ‘’ button

2. You should be prompted to enter 3 pieces of information, the , , and .

3. Enter the Contract Address in the ‘Address’ field, the Token Symbol in the ‘Token Symbol’ field, and the number of decimals the token goes back to. In this case, the EBK contract address is:

The token symbol is: and the number of decimals is .

4. After entering the above information, click ‘’ and that is it! You should now see the added Token under ‘’ right below your Ether balance.


This is an extremely easy and straightforward process. Make sure you purchase some EBK tokens on come September 18th and try it out. There’s no minimum or maximum limit of EBK tokens that you buy.


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