Rebrand & Changes — EtherCat is now CATHER!

Hello everybody!

Right now and for the following reasons we change of name:

  • The new name looks more powerful & professional.
  • There´re other company with EtherCAT name and we don´t want legal issues.
  • There´re other currency with ETHC name and we don´t want to be confused with other currency.

The name of the token will be CATHER and the abbreviation is CTH, we´ll make the following change:

  • Now there are 8 Million Tokens instead of 100 Million.

There are 8 Million CATHER Tokens that will be distributed in this way:

​Airdrop (Closed): 4 Million

ICO: 3 Million

Reserve for the team and development: 1 Million

All people that currently have in the wallet ETHC will receive the same amount of CTH.

People that joined the Airdrop and still not received the token will receive CTH.

Don’t move the tokens of your wallet, we’ll give 2 days to everybody read this and be sure that everybody have the tokens in the wallet.

23th October we´ll start delivering the CTH Tokens!

With these changes the value of the token will increase a lot more and 8 Million represent us better, there´re almost 8 Million people in Catalonia!