What is ETH.LIMO ?

What is ETH.LIMO (LIMO)?

Why do we need ETH.LIMO?

  • Single points of failure (Cloudflare, CDNs, etc)
  • Eth.link is unreliable
  • All ENS gateway infrastructure is currently owned by a single entity (Cloudflare)
  • Censorship
  • Lack of non-commercial infrastructure
  • Opacity of terms of service agreements and moderation policies
  • Proliferation of proprietary browser extensions which require centralized services (Unstoppable domains, etc…)
  • The erosion of the “commons” and “public space”
  • Web 3.0 adoption is still nascent
  • Most browsers cannot natively access ENS/IPFS

How does ETH.LIMO work?

LIMO natively supports both IPFS and IPNS.

Security and Privacy

In order to provide our users with the best experience possible, ETH.LIMO will not support audio or video streaming initially. Audio/video streaming is incredibly resource intensive and could undermine the performance and experience of all LIMO users.

Roadmap Features

Wildcard TLS certificates for subdomains*

Post Quantum Encryption*


Open Source, turnkey ENS/IPFS gateway for anyone to use*


Analytics for developers*

ENS Resolution over DNS*





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