What is ETH.LIMO ?

ETH.LIMO- Your privacy focused gateway.

Cruise the decentralized web in style.

A DAO maintained alternativeto eth.link.

What is ETH.LIMO (LIMO)?

LIMO is intended to be operated as a reliable and secure public good for all users. Once the LIMO project has completed Alpha testing it will be released with an open source license and maintained by LIMO as a community project for the purposes of encouraging others to operate their own decentralized ENS/IPFS gateways.

Why do we need ETH.LIMO?

  • Single points of failure (Cloudflare, CDNs, etc)
  • Eth.link is unreliable
  • All ENS gateway infrastructure is currently owned by a single entity (Cloudflare)
  • Censorship
  • Lack of non-commercial infrastructure
  • Opacity of terms of service agreements and moderation policies
  • Proliferation of proprietary browser extensions which require centralized services (Unstoppable domains, etc…)
  • The erosion of the “commons” and “public space”
  • Web 3.0 adoption is still nascent
  • Most browsers cannot natively access ENS/IPFS

For end users, this means a limited selection of poor quality services that increasingly resemble a cable TV package. Accessing the dWeb can be a frustrating experience if eth.link is unavailable. For dApp developers, this leads to a limited selection of platforms and services in addition to lost revenue.

As an alternative to eth.link for users and dApp developers, any existing eth.link site can be accessed with eth.limo in the same manner. The LIMO project brings additional resiliency to dApps by providing an alternative means of access as a public good. Application owners can directly participate in the governance of LIMO, thus giving key stakeholders voting privileges for the services they depend upon. As the decentralized web continues to grow, it is imperative that community projects facilitate the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

How does ETH.LIMO work?

Zero-configuration is required in order to access or host a site or dApp on ETH.LIMO, making ETH.LIMO an excellent no-cost solution for providing Web 2.0 access to your project.

LIMO natively supports both IPFS and IPNS.

Security and Privacy

In order to provide our users with the best experience possible, ETH.LIMO will not support audio or video streaming initially. Audio/video streaming is incredibly resource intensive and could undermine the performance and experience of all LIMO users.

Roadmap Features

Wildcard TLS certificates for subdomains*

Post Quantum Encryption*

More information regarding the threat posed by Quantum computers to modern encryption can be found here: https://www.csnp.org/post/the-current-state-of-post-quantum-cryptography.


Open Source, turnkey ENS/IPFS gateway for anyone to use*


Analytics for developers*

ENS Resolution over DNS*