Meet Thomas at d10e — the biggest ICO Pitch Competition!

Watch out for Pitch #17

We are delighted to have the opportunity to pitch our idea at the Leading Decentralization Conference in Gibraltar. As one of the few selected ICOs, we will have the opportunity to introduce Etheavour to the jury, consisting of the Blockchain Investors Consortium. When? Tuesday, 31. October at 2:50PM.

The criterias were:
- Business Model. Scalability
- Team
- Investor Terms/Liquidity
- Solution of the problem
- Token Model/Token and proceeds distribution

Thomas already took off, ready to endeavor investors, competitors and crowd!
Stay tuned for updates, fotos and live tickers. Are you also in Gibraltar? The guys would love to meet you and discuss Etheavour, the future of the blockchain or just chitchat over a beer.

We would love to have your support and get a chance to win the Audience Award! Check out the Facebook Channel and vote for Etheavour. Thanks! If you have any question concerning the ICO Pitch, the awards or Etheavor, please contact us via Facebook, Slack, LinkedIn or