Sunshine, English Breakfast and Etheavour!

At the first glance, it´s hard to match all three at the same time and place :-). It is yet possible and happened a couple of days ago at the d10e Conference in Gibraltar. The Etheavour Crew didn´t have that much time to enjoy the ambience — they were participants at one of the biggest ICO competitions in the world! It makes us really proud to have the opportunity to pitch our ideas to the investor consortium and meet such innovative and talented collegues. The blockchain community was always known for the open-mindness and constructive discussions and we are happy to be part of it. The atmosphere is so inspiring!

A few hundred people attended the conference and have shown great interest in Etheavour. After the ICO Pitch (had a lot of fun trying to fit the ideas of a couple of month in 5 minutes :-)), we received very positive feedback from the judges. Especially the business model and the quite simple products behind Etheavour are said to meet strong business demands. We would like to thank everyone that took their time to discuss with us and give us feedback. Etheavour earned a lot of encouragement and potential investors confirmed the huge potential of it!

We came in 5th — yeah!

After a couple of celebration drinks, the guys headed to dinner with a couple of investors. Their feedback was very encouraging and constructive as well and has already been partially implemented in our whitepaper. Moreover, it was subject to one of the legendary Etheavour conference calls — but this is the subject of a whole other blog post :-).

Check out the ICO Pitch here