About a Five — Letter Word

We are a generation of slashers.

Brand manager slash photographer. Writer slash chef. Software engineer slash blogger slash traveler. It feels sexy to live multiple lives and pursue multiple passions, having no dull moment in between. To carry various labels and to answer to different names, admit it or not, has its unique sense of fulfillment. But what does it really mean, to be many things?

This is me shooting myself on the foot as I say this, for I share this tendency with many others. But what it means to be many things is this: you aren’t great at just one.

Think about it: if a passion is truly a passion, can there be many of it? If you split your weeks, your days into various things do you really love what you do? And if you would have to leave a task for another, is it actually worth your time?

We don’t have multiple passions, we have multiple likes. And if we think that mere likes can define us, then we are fooling ourselves. It is a classic case of quality versus quantity and the script is the same, quality always wins.

Hear me out:

When there are many, there is no focus. When there is no focus, it is unclear. And clarity is needed for vision.

The slashes are fun, I very well know that, and if your passion is fun then might as well keep them all. But make a bet on that one thing you can’t drop. Give it focus, give it a go. I cannot guarantee that with it into this world you’ll make a dent, but if what you’ll stick with truly matters to you, it will all be worth it. #

Photo by Mario Calvo on Unsplash