Tennis stream for travelers: how to watch US Open outside of US

Frank Black
Aug 22 · 4 min read

Tennis fans all across the globe are waiting for August 26th, — the day when US Open 2019 begins. It will be the 139th edition of this tournament, which started in 1881, making it one of the oldest tennis tournaments. Furthermore, we will be able to watch the long awaited Djokovic-Nadal competition.

Since 1987 US Open is chronologically following Wimbledon tournament and finalizes the Grand Slam majors. This year the weekend will coincide with US labor day public holiday, so it’s a perfect time to relax and watch some top-quality sports.

Sadly, if you’re outside the United States at the time of the tournament, you might encounter some issues trying to watch the games. ESPN will stream them with exclusive rights for US only stream, meaning you may have to pay for the local streaming service in the country you’ll be travelling in. And even then you might get a stream in a foreign language.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid all this fuss by using a VPN. In this article, I will outline a few easy steps on how to bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy the live stream on travels as if you were in the US.

How does a VPN work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is first and foremost a cybersecurity software. However, with the emergence of geographical restrictions, which mean that you can’t access certain content if you’re not in certain countries, VPNs stood up to the challenge of providing their customers with open and secure internet.

They do that by allowing you to change your IP address. An IP address is your internet home address, this way, other people and devices can find you online. However, your IP address is linked to your physical location, and this way certain web pages can restrict your access. If you’re travelling outside of USA and try to connect to your ESPN account, you will be notified that the stream is not available in your country.

VPN allows you to choose what IP address you want to receive. In this case, you just have to select a server in the United States, and VPN will reroute all your traffic through chosen server in that country. This way ESPN will see an American IP address and grant access, even though you are relaxing on a sunny beach abroad.

Which service to choose?

VPNs have gained tremendous popularity in the last decade, and it might be hard to choose a reliable provider. So here’s a list of three VPNs that will not disappoint.


NordVPN has been providing safe and open internet access since 2012, and they are rightly called the current market leaders. They offer 5700+ servers in 60 countries, so you can be sure you’ll never run out of possible IP addresses to choose from.

When it comes to streaming speed matters, and NordVPN supports HD stream so that you can enjoy the games in their full glory.


ExpressVPN is there to provide a service of the highest quality. With 3000+ high-speed servers in 94 countries, they cover the entire globe and are perfect for bypassing geographical blocks. However, they’re a bit pricey, so if you simply want to enjoy the live stream in your native language while you’re away, you might want to consider a cheaper option.


Mullvad is another old player in the VPN market, and they satisfy their users since 2009. They only have 400+ servers in 40 countries, but the stability of the service, good speeds, and a solid reputation place them in the third place.

All of these applications are very easy to use, you need to register for an account, and you’ll be provided server selection. One-click, — and you have an American IP address, and can enjoy live ESPN stream in your native language.

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