The Dangers of Dreaming
Caleb Epley

I do often consider how much doesn’t get done by people simply because they don’t believe in themselves enough. The way that you refer to “dreams” it’s like there’s a tendency to create an experience in the safest manner possible without having to make waves with everyone else. It’s the difference between being overly considerate of everyone around you and doing the real stuff that one’s own soul cries out for.

From another perspective though, perhaps certain fantasizing fills in the tiny other gaps in an already full life. The logistics of breaking one lifestyle to fulfill another may in some ways seem “limiting,” as strange as that sounds, in that practical reality won’t allow for both safe and secure dayjobbery and wild international nomadry at the same time.

It’s amazing how many travel calendars hang in cubicles.

Thought provoking read! Thank you for this!

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