I just want to thank everyone
Zack Kelly

To date, I’ve never related to a Medium article more than this one. Thank you for this! I never thought I would start writing at all, more of a back-of-the-mind “pipe dream” while I was busy focusing on everything else. (Day jobs, music production, graphic design, etc.)

I’ve realize in recent months that I’ve technically been writing ever since I was a teenager. I mostly journaled though I also wrote lyrics/poetry, short stories, and had every intention for full-length novels and nonfiction books. I didn’t have Internet access at home, though I figured out a way to have an actual free .com website (ad driven) and hard code in html my entries before live journal and blogs were a thing.

Despite all that, I didn’t believe in my capabilities. My language arts grades were always horrible. In elementary school they told my mother I was awful at reading comprehension, and I guess I believed it. I’m certain that it was self doubt that got the better of me for many years after my teenage years, and I also thought I found myself exclusively in electronic rock music.

Thankfully I finally realized, through the help of those close to me that believe in me, that I’m more than capable of articulating myself through word and can be somewhat entertaining if I stay focused and keep on writing.

Zack Kelly , I appreciate being tagged in this, it’s an honor. I have one entry on Medium that I finally published yesterday and have been a bit nervous about it, though for the most part I’m proud of myself that I actually took a chance, a step in the right direction. I’ll probably cringe at the sight of the old entry, as I often do with my older tunes, though I can also keep in mind that it was a step in the right direction.

Keep on keeping on, man! And again, thank you! High fives!

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