ETHERC.IO: EET Public Sale Announcement

ETHERCToken Public Sale

We’re excited to announce that ETHERCToken Public Sale will start at 15:00(UTC) May 18th,2018 and end at 15:00(UTC) May 25th,2018.

5% of the total ETHERCToken token supply which was initially dedicated to “Development” will be sold on our exchange. So that we could have enough funds to cover the cost of our development.

Unlike other ICO projects, we are only preparing to sell very few tokens. And our exchange has already been released, everything is ready now. So this is the only opportunity for public to buy EET tokens at a relatively low price.

Ratio: 1ETH = 30,000 EET (200% Bouns) Supply: 3,000,000 EET

Ratio: 1ETH = 25,000 EET (150% Bouns) Supply: 5,000,000 EET

Ratio: 1ETH = 20,000 EET (100% Bouns) Supply: 8,000,000 EET

Ratio: 1ETH = 15,000 EET (50% Bouns) Supply: 15,000,000 EET

Ratio: 1ETH = 12,500 EET (25% Bouns) Supply: 19,000,000 EET

How to participate

Since our exchange has already been released, so our public sale will be hold on our own exchange. When the public sale start, we will place separate sell orders at different prices on the exchange. It’s based on First-come-first-served basis, once low-priced orders are all traded, you can only choose to purchase higher-priced orders.

The link of EET Market on ETHERC:

ETHERCToken Ethereum Address: 0x0deecb13f4e801bdbf2721875756d44b207ca580

About ETHERC Decentralized Exchange

ETHERC.IO is a new fully Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange. It’s the world’s first Decentralized Exchange that established a solution for Gas-Free trading.Today we’re proud to announce the release of our exchange and there’re already over 400 tokens listed on it. So welcome to try it out and trade your tokens at, your feedbacks and suggestions are really appreciated.

Compared with centralized exchange, decentralized exchange has higher security because traders have 100% control of their funds in exchange all the time, thanks to the Ethereum network and the smart contract capabilities. But there are few decentralized exchanges that users can choose, and the user experience of the major decentralized exchanges is also a little poor. Other than that, the slow loading speed, failed transactions occur frequently, etc. makes it hard for users to use them. To redress these shortfalls, we decided to build a decentralized exchange to make the user experience better and the whole trading process much smoother.

As we said above, we aim to build a decentralized exchange with better user experience and smoother trading process. But we still found that even though the decentralized exchange has higher security but most traders may not choose it because each transaction is required to pay gas fee to Ethereum network. Thus traders need a little more extra Ether to cover the cost of Ethereum transactions besides trading fees. This maybe the main reason why most traders never choose decentralized exchange.
It’s on this basis that we built ETHERC.IO and established a solution for Gas-Free trading. We call this solution/system “Token-Based Fee Reimbursement & Reward System” which has already been coded in our smart contract. Which means that everyone trading on our exchange can get their transactions completed with MINIMAL or ZERO ether consumption. Please see details below about how this system works.

Our Solution For Gas-Fee Trading: Token-Based Fee Reimbursement & Reward System

It is well known that trading on a decentralized exchange incurs two types of fees:

  1. Trading Fee: Charged by decentralized exchange on all trades.
  2. Gas Fee: Charged by the Ethereum network on all Ethereum transactions.

According to our programming, our system(Token-Based Fee Reimbursement & Reward System) will use ETHERCToken(EET) to reimburse users for the fees(including trading fees and gas fees) at a fixed ratio and the entire process is fully automatic powered by smart contract. In a word, after each trading transaction completed, market takers will receive some EET tokens as the reimbursement for fees and market makers will also receive EET tokens as a trading reward. We can thus build an active and healthy ecosystem for trading on our exchange. More importantly, when gas consumption can be reimbursed, a higher gas price can be set for each transaction, which means that each transaction can be completed faster. Just to make things clearer, the below chart shows how the system works:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Token-Based Fee Reimbursement & Reward System will be released and deployed on Ethereum mainnet in early June.

*The initial Fee Reimbursement Ratio will be 10000EET/ETH. But it will be adjusted frequently according to the market price of EET.

About ETHERCToken

ETHERCToken is an exchange-backed ERC20 Ethereum token officially issued by ETHERC decentralized exchange. Unlike other projects, there won’t be an ICO, but we will distribute most of the tokens to our community and our traders via airdrop, bounties, etc. It is worth mentioning that 50% of the total ETHERCToken token supply will be initially dedicated to the “Token-Based Fee Reimbursement & Reward System”.

In order to maintain the price of EET:

  1. We will take out 30% of our earnings in each quarter to buy back tokens and burn them.
  2. We also plan to create more services/apps which can be paid by EET. More details will be published in the near future.
  3. We does not currently charge a fee for listing a token on our Exchange, but we plan to charge an appropriate fee for listing in 2019. By then, we only accept EET as the payment.
  4. More measures will be taken later to maintain the price of EET…

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