EtherColors Canvas, New Colors, and More!

Here at EtherColors we know that some players want to express themselves. We also know that some players love to be rewarded. So we decided to give players both.

Announcing EtherColors Canvas.

EtherColors Canvas

EtherColors Canvas is a new major game system that allows players to paint any available color on a community canvas. Painting pixels gives players an opportunity to earn revenue and express themselves. As more players contribute to the canvas, the canvas will start transforming into a community-driven artwork that also has an associated value.


To begin painting, simply select a color and click a pixel that you wish to paint. You can click up to 10 pixels before you must “paint” them — this limitation is due to blockchain constraints. Upon clicking Paint you can confirm your pixel purchase.

After successfully purchasing pixels, those pixels now belong to you and are now colored with the paint of your choice. This also means you can now potentially start earning revenue.

Revenue Model

We realize that some players love earning Ether. With Canvas we are excited to announce several new ways for players to earn revenue.

Painting a pixel costs an initially, small price in Ether that is paid to the existing pixel owner. Each time a pixel is purchased, its individual value is raised by 20%.

When a pixel is purchased, its current owner will receive the price they paid plus a 10% bonus.

In addition, any time a pixel is purchased the owner of the new paint color will receive a 5% commission on the pixel purchase. This means that if you own the color red, and if someone paints a pixel red on the canvas, you will receive 5% of that pixel sale.

The new additions to the revenue model was our way of rewarding players that hold colors and embolden those that want to experiment with their creative side by painting pixels. However, there is one other revenue generator that we haven’t mentioned yet…

Referral Program

Another feature that we are excited to announce is our new referral program! We really want to reward players that give back to the game. Those that spread the word of EtherColors and lead to a purchase of a pixel will receive a 2.5% commission on that pixel sale. There is no limit on the number of commissions a referrer may receive.

To start, just login to MetaMask while on EtherColors and click your player options.

Clicking My Referral Link will bring you to a popup containing your referral URL. You can then share this link with anyone that would be interested in playing EtherColors! If they decide to paint a pixel, you will receive the 2.5% commission on the sale.

We hope that you enjoy this new way to spread the word and take advantage of all that it has to offer. We do ask that when sharing this link, you do so in a respectful manner.

Last but not least, we have one more announcement…

New Colors!

In celebration of this massive update, we will also be launching three new colors!

We hope you enjoy these new colors as much as we do.

Final Notes

There are a lot of new things that we announced in this post, and we are proud to say that all of these features be available starting today (3/17) at 5:45PM ET! We really hope to see you trying these out.

On a final note, we are also launching our first Discord invite contest today at 6PM ET. If you’re interested in potentially winning some Ether and other rewards, try hopping onto our channel and checking it out.

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